National Obama bundler hatching Fletcher for mayor draft

Hi, Matt. I've been locked out from my premises, completely unjustly, of course, since the Bill of Rights. I have no property since I aced my 5250 psych hold exam at UXSD... leaving it there. Now I had been to see Filner in March expressly because I had been communicating with you -- that's right, folks, I'm looney-tunes, not on psych meds, and being very dirty, do not mind a whole lot should any of you chokes on food --there are alert -- or get shot picking up marijuana -- shooters, snorters, of Z-40's dwindling there a need for a new run? Where was I? You came off (the "suggest you REMOVE Steve again". That's what we got the tip jar Well, over there) we are hippies. We got San Onofre closed. I'm a scientist, Gizmo. I want a permanent dictator, not a new mayor in the middle of the cycle. Don't forget being sane on the SONGS question is a $450- million proposition. Yes, I told Filner that Mitch Beauchamp was likely a gay hanger-on at TJ orphanges, where he cross-border sex-tourismed his way AS NATIONAL CITY"S TREASURER so Donna Frye and I remain (don't let me see you), and Bob Filner has the crime of career-terminal horniness? I doubt it. More like San Diego is bought and paid for by alums from USC, in Los Angeles. I do not mind, and I hate gangs, and I am not afraid of gangs. The housing in this city is due for a whole revamp, with whole dirt poor people living next to rich ones, but not scum like you and your NSA programs. Somebody should have left me my mayor. Now I am channelling a lot of hatred, and I am a blues angry for guitar Ned in Church Pews, City Heights, 'cause I'm moral.
— July 19, 2013 4:26 a.m.

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