San Diego County's Last Legal Marijuana Dispensary Forced Out of Business

I too am a medical marijuana patient and I'm shocked, befuddled and quite pissed to read your comments. If you think that being regulated and monitored by local law enforcement, if you think having all product tested for potency as well as for any mold or other parasites on the flowers before giving them to very ill patients, if you think that treating each and every member that walks through their doors with love, respect and sensitivity that is hard to come by in a doctors office is BAD for medical marijuana?! Well..then frankly sir you are a ignorant, uneducated moron. As well, I would think that organized crime would choose a far less controversial avenue than POT REFORM to conduct their deeds. Generally history has shown that most mafia folks like to stay as far away from the Feds as possible. And one last thing for you, not everything that's written in blogs is gospel. Which I did find the blog that you pretty much plagiarizer your entire comment from. Cause unlike you, I conduct my research before posting such outlandish and down right rude and hurtful accusations. The folks at Mother Earth work their a**'s off for patients and patients rights and to think that any of my friends are doing ANYTHING but offering high quality, clean meds to patients unable to cultivate for themselves is absolutely absurd! If you have questions, ask them. Do not scapegoat people you don't know from Adam. And DO NOT throw the emotions, feelings and health of sick people under the bus, for your own agenda.
— September 2, 2012 9:24 p.m.

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