My Gender Is Bunny

This is as much a misuse of taypayer dollars at this end of the cultural spectrum as giving bonuses to AIG execs are at the other end. The real world is tough - no doubt. It may explain the proliferation of narcissistic/controlling behaviors and experimentation in the virtual world may seem important to some other than for escapism. But let's leave it to the private sector to fund it. Although, Cardenas' gender identity, as part of this article on the virtual experiment, did open the conversation on transgendering, his attitude towards the process of transgendering may do more of a disservice to those who could use the funding and want to complete the whole process. It's interesting that some readers expect Grimm to accept to be told what to write (be used) to promote Cardenas' admitted political agenda and see Grimm's respectful refusal as disparaging to Cardenas. Regardless of the agenda, no author should yield to such a request. There will always be those looking for offense because they just want to be in an offended frame of mind. Perhaps stepping out of your bubble and engaging society with civility as whoever or whatever you choose to be; as a responsibly functioning member of society without wasting other peoples' money; and refrain from denouncing anyone who doesn't subscribe to your idea of what is culturally relevant as not being enlightened or intolerant would do more for the transgender community. A more indepth article about transgenders would also be helpful.
— March 26, 2009 5:58 p.m.

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