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Between 1:45 and 2:15 a.m. on Wednesday, November 7, thieves smashed the windows on several cars in a Mira Mesa neighborhood.

Kim’s car was damaged and her Nook reading tablet was taken. She confirmed other cars were broken into and had items stolen in the Hebrides Drive and Flanders Drive area, a neighborhood of detached family homes near Mira Mesa Boulevard and Camino Ruiz.

Kim discovered her break-in and the other broken car windows later that morning on her way to work. She didn't have an opportunity to immediately make a police report. Kim was told later by another victim that their wallet and credit cards were taken and used.

According to neighbors, nothing like this has happened on their street in more than 20 years, although nearby blocks are known to have been previously victimized. A search of the ARJIS crime-mapping site for SDPD indicated that, in the previous six months, 37 vehicle break-ins were reported within a one-mile radius of Hebrides Drive. Within a half-mile radius of the street, 12 such crimes were reported during the same time period.

Using social media, Kim sought additional information about similar crimes from other victims in her immediate neighborhood and around Mira Mesa. With additional information and exposure, she hopes the perpetrators might be caught soon.

A neighbor, Nick, told her, “I think the block above, east of Westonhill Drive and one to the south got hit, too. It’s difficult to get the info from police. You would think they'd want everyone to know so we could pool our knowledge and catch the people.”

Nick, however, was able to capture a potentially valuable piece of evidence: the criminals on surveillance video. The video files he sent me seemed to be in an unreadable format, but he provided a detailed timeline of what is seen in the video:

2:00 a.m.: At beginning of footage is what I assume is the suspect car pulling up.

2:10:52: You can see a silhouette of the suspect with a flashlight looking in black Mustang.

2:18:06: Flashlight looking in the Ford Explorer across the street.

2:18:17: Flashlight looking in my roommate’s Toyota Paseo.

2:22:14: Silhouette of suspect walking east on sidewalk across my cars, approaching your car.

2:23:52: You can hear the suspect break the glass on your car.

2:24:30: Suspect’s flashlight scans the Ford Explorer across the street again.

2:24:40: You can hear someone's dog barking.

2:25:56: You can hear glass breaking again, presumably at neighbors’ across the street.

2:27:13: You can hear a car alarm go off.

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Visduh Nov. 11, 2012 @ 8:42 p.m.

And when the car alarm went off, what happened? Nothing, right? Who pays any attention to those things?

Don't leave anything in your car that you cannot afford to lose. Don't leave anything in your car that will attract a thief. If you have a garage use it to store your car, even if it means all your junk now has no home. What a thought!


reddragonfly Nov. 13, 2012 @ 12:23 p.m.

I really do not understand the mental process that would think that it's safe to leave a "Nook" in your car...especially a car parked on a public street. I'm sure Kim feels violated by the theft and I do feel badly for her but how does one not understand that leaving anything in your car in one of the high crime areas of the city (check the stats for Mira Mesa) is not adding to the problem. I worked on a campaign along with a police officer that took his own time to print and pass out flyers letting residents know what precautions to take to avoid having your car broken into. Visduh pretty much stated what the flyer said. It's really common sense...leave nothing in your car of value. Residents that do are a liability to other residents living in the area by continually attracting thieves. Then there is the "must have it at any cost/cause and affect be dammed" person who deliberately leaves high value items to be stolen or, worse yet, file false police reports so their parents or insurance companies will pay for the latest version of some gadget.


mngcornaglia Nov. 13, 2012 @ 3:31 p.m.

maybe it's our nature to live and learn, not thinking about something as possible for us as individuals, such as this, until it actually happens to us... also, we easily forget about such experiences while life patiently waits to repeat our lessons...


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