The Last Supper

I too am shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of such an amazing woman. I had the good fortune to have enjoyed a rather flirtatious e-mail relationship a few years ago when i mentioned that i "hung on her every word" while reading my Thursday fix. She was so funny and honest and intelligent, I remember "anything to avoid actually making my deadline, I do my best work under pressure anyway" as a true gem to explain why she was appearing so busy at her desk typing away while chatting with me. Simply put, she transported us to a world of perception and understanding of lavish dishes that seem so out of reach. And to appreciate the minute details that make a meal an experience. She so protected her anonymity i never had the nerve to suggest we meet. She was a little intimidating despite her warmth and charm. And she typed like twenty times faster than me so it was tough to keep up. Now that she is gone so suddenly, I have been reeling somewhat every time a Reader is sighted. I have been wondering "where is the cover story", "stop the presses" why just a simple small mention about her passing...and Bedford did a fine job with limited time until Her Posse posted this beautiful tribute to her. I feel so much better now knowing that she has been acknowledged by her friends in such a personal way. And that they were there to bag on hospital food and share her last day. And to see the detailed description of the Chef's efforts to pay respect to a strong, intelligent woman that inspired them to new heights. She inspired me in so many ways, to educate and scintillate my fledgling knowledge of fine cuisine. Only after the horrible news did i appreciate the depth of her character. I was so surprised that i felt that sad upon news of her passing. I am not ashamed to admit i cried in instant sadness. Like i had lost a friend, and indeed we have. My old computer crashed long ago that would have archived our chats. How i would enjoy going back and refreshing my memory, we really had a playful banter for a brief time. She was a true gem that lived her life on her terms, outspoken and passionate, and honest beyond measure. I really blew it by not cultivating a personal friendship. I always thought that after a few months had lapsed since i had contacted her it was a lost friendship, how could she remember me with her hectic social schedule. She had that ability with the written word to endear you to her, so charming and vibrant. I would like to console all of you that share my profound grief, and we never met. I can only imagine the sense of loss by her Family and Friends. Please accept my most sincere and heartfelt empathy for your loss. And Her Posse and personal friends, I envy you in a positive way by having known such a unique character. She will be missed, Thursday will never be the same or will The Reader. Rest In Peace you Darling Lady Naomi Wise. Joan Golomb Goodwin 1945-2011 pleased to finally meet you.
— January 13, 2012 1:12 a.m.

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