Judgment Finalized In Legal Battle Over Golden Hill Maintenance Assessment District

Well I don't know where to begin. Actually Yes I do. I'll initially say "Thanks Hal Tyvoll for your unwavering devotion to seeking resolution to the San Diego municipal corruption that was exemplified by the GH MAD". And may your efforts serve as a precedent or continuing resolution against other such travesty's. There howz that?? Rest in peace Hal. Rest in peace. Beyond the vindicated efforts championed by Hal's legal expertise and the myriad support of community members like Ms. B, I remember the beginnings of this lopsided chicanery of injustice and trampled citizenry at the Balboa Golf Course clubhouse. Sorry for the long run-on sentence btw. I remember Steve Kessler's grumbled looks when folks would call him to the carpet and the emphatic displays of recalcitrance proffered by citizens against the gerrymandering of District 8 and the redistribution of wealth which is all part of the same dark MAD/and other pot. Call it what you will...a red herring or otherwise...but I see it all as part of the same rampant and multitentacled subsidization problem that exists today. A City that was/is strapped for funding and that is constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul through duplicate taxation. Shades of "Don't tread on me" and/or "No taxation without fair and equal representation". Yes that's right Founding Fathers. You know, it's that old thing called the American Constitution. Anyways, looks like that trampled snake finally reeled up and bit em' and injected enough venom into those arteries to keel and collapse the Beast under the weight of American justice and decency. Something the GHMAD certainly never stood for and was guised from the beginning as a wolf in sheep's clothing and a perfect example of deceit and corruption at it's finest. It's good to know that it does come back to bite ya!!! Take that Steve!!!
— February 13, 2012 8:50 p.m.

Bypassing Bylaws in Golden Hill

GH Supporter, Why don't you answer my question above in #27?? It's pretty simple really and akin to what Fred Williams stated in #40. Btw, I'm not a libertarian nor do I belong to any other specific party as bipartisan politics doesn't work in this country because of constituencies and opportunisitic agenda's by unscrupulous politicians on both sides. Just like the current issue. I vote the issue not the party and this current issue stinks and you know it despite your bleeding heart MAD rhetoric. Don't tread on me (us) and no taxation without representation. You remember those don't you?? They were coined by patriots and founding fathers, folks with scruples far and aside from the collection of crooked City kooks and thier supporters we're dealing with here. As far as hardware, I don't need tanks anymore and never did. Then as now, I've done my bit for king and country 100 times over and have made a difference. Like the others in this forum that oppose your warped view of reality, I'm a patriot first and foremost and call a spade a spade (oops sorry SDaniel) and will stand up to anyone or anything that represents corruption because I've seen more than you ever will and vowed to defend my country from invaders both foreign and domestic. Sadly, I and the others here must carry and apply that same mantra to internal domestic issues such as this. I use words, intelligence, and ideas to expose disparity and have the confidence and always operate from a position of strength not weakness. None of the folks here who oppose your viewpoint are in the wrong. It is you who are. As Fred Williams basically said, if you're not part of the solution, do you really want to be part of the problem?? I'm really amazed at your bent lines of reasoning and illogic to support this entire mockery of justice. To let you know, hate, petty jealousies, and what others may get over others has nothing to do with the issue. From the beginning of this entire article and MAD debackle, the issue comes down to a blatant attempt on the part of the CDC and City to increase duplicative taxes unfettered and take our money, oust any public representation when we were told otherwise, and disregard what is right. As was said above by Goodlead, they need these MAD's to relieve pressure on the City's general fund (likely because of the exorbitant cost of maintaining City employee pensions) and as such the MAD's enable the central issue of rampant governmental growth. I am proud to be a GH citizen and am personally investing over 150K improving my property to contribute to revitalization of the area. My wife even goes out and removes grafitti herself to save money rather than call the city. As I've previously said, it's all smoke and mirros and really comes down to an issue of trust and the line of City clowns in charge of this program leave zero room in that department. Open your eyes!!!
— September 23, 2009 8:11 a.m.

Bypassing Bylaws in Golden Hill

GH Supporter (Comment No. 17): Just sitting here sipping a vodka tonic and had a brainstorm tonight and thought I'd share it with you. The simplicity of it was staggering. And that simple thought is....Corruption fears truth and does everything it can to suppress it. So on that premise, if the GGHCDC didn't have anything to hide or fear as to how it was spending our money, why would it be ejecting the majority of the MAD AC committee members who are there to represent both the people and to provide a check on allocation of MAD funds as was originally promised TO THE PEOPLE??? Can you answer that for me???? Better yet, why don't you come out from behind your email shroud of secrecy and let us all know who you are. I doubt you could or have the guts as you likely have self-motivated political motives that contribute to some opportunistic agenda versus really doing what's best for your community. I know who you are anyway but as you can see, my identity is and been clear from the start. I have nothing to hide and I'll debate you anywhere and anytime on this issue and in front of any public forum. Though in this case, the truth is not rocket science now is it and is quite clear. But covering the truth is much more difficult. As you know, I'm a confident, powerful, and accomplished public speaker and call a spade a spade. And the spade here is black with deception. Btw, my extended experience comes from decades of direct knowledge with central intelligence and national security which absolutely eclipses the transparent neighborhood travesty you and your cronies are trying to perpetrate on the people of the fine Golden Hill community of which I am a proud member. Oh and one other thing, my political resources and influence stretch far beyond San Diego and California and will be brought to bear if necessary. And you can take that to the bank!!!
— September 20, 2009 8:59 p.m.

Bypassing Bylaws in Golden Hill

GH Supporter, Please don't equate me with violence, racism, weapons, or a militia mentality just because you don't like the overwhelming majority of comments that see through the smoke and mirrors of the CDC and MAD as do I. Despite having both a U.S. special forces and intelligence background, I am a pacifist at heart but a patriot always against disparity, such as exists here with the denial of fair representation on the already lame duck MAD advisory committee with no legal power. Truly a conundrum wrapped in a dichotomy wouldn't you say??? Unfortuneately, you all didn't bank on the fact that the very patriotic, soon to be former MAD AC committee members did exercise thier rights to represent the public and circumvented the GHCDC's plans by approaching the City Council and getting our MAD assessment for next year reduced by 50% based on a preponderance of unspent MAD funds. I applaud thier efforts and so should you. Sadly, I would have thought that the GHCDC would have done that but of course as I said above, that's a crock. I didn't buy in the City to pay an additional HOA fee that is duplicative with taxes I already pay and for services already covered. As the one responder said, if we weren't subsidizing city employee pensions and other factions, these MAD's likely wouldn't even exist. As such, I view them as enabling a much larger problem and one that seemingly has no end...and now one with no control, representation, or checks or balances. Trust in our leaders comes from a demonstration of trust by our leaders. And I have seen little trust from our leaders regarding this issue here at all...period!! Shades of Kessler or have you forgotton about that. As such, I and many others do not trust how our money is dispensed and for what programs, such as replacing native trees in some canyon for the benefit of a few or spending 5K on some logo that could have been done for $500. From the beginning, the Golden Hill MAD campaign was biased and continues to be a covert travesty of deceit. Really, you should be more concerned with folks like Kessler who are the real problems and are an example of municipal corruption that now has outstretched it's tentacles and has gained seemingly virtual unilateral and publicly unrepresented control over MAD tax levies that can and likely will be annually increased by the allowable 5% margin. And next election?? Huh?? What election?? The real issue here is continued growth of a corrupt municipal corporation via unneeded taxation without representation on an already overtaxed-weary population that is further squeezed to the hilt. Perhaps one day, we'll be paying so much in duplicative taxes for others, we won't even be able to afford our mortgages. We can and will make a difference by dogging the CDC's every move. And when I'm done discussing this issue with the SAG, the CDC's accountability, or lack thereof, will be open for all to see.
— September 20, 2009 1:08 p.m.

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