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— April 2, 2010 2:05 p.m.

The Hip-Hop-Challenged SDMAs

People in general just can't communicate with each other when they have nothing in common, that's a fact. Some people would say that it's complaining, some people will say that it's speaking up..regardless, it's no fineprint that local Hip Hop has no support from either "rhythmic genre" radio stations ie, 98.9 or Z90, which would introduce the music to you SubBass. Cities with syndicated radio support are always the cities with the most visible Hip Hop Scene. I think everyone will agree that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my marketing skills, it's the sole reason I was nominated, because "I DO NOT HAVE A SOLO ALBUM RELEASED". Now tell me why I recieved the nomination, yet my friend and mentor BLAME ONE,whom you have never heard of, charted on college radio at #2, was a featured artist on Myspace Music, was pick by the Editor of XXL magazine as "Chairman's Choice" for album on the month. Has been making music for 2 decades, 4 critically acclaimed solo albums, all while raising 2 children, working full time and keeping his message truthful and positive. Not all Hip Hop is Blunts, 40oz, & Bitches. House of Rep, myself & Armory Massive- All have succesfully organized, promoted and managed numerous showcases, national headlined and weekly events with "NO INCIDENTS". We just would like for the people to take a viable look at us, cause it is virtually impossible for us to put out our music to the 1.2 Million people without local radio support, bring back an actual Hip Hop Hour, music that is passionately driven by art rather than profit. Finest City Broadcasting has no interest in supporting local music.
— September 10, 2009 9:13 a.m.

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