Excessive police force in pursuit of Cheetos bandit?

Your right Mister Harris; the amount of police response was unwarranted if we were to believe you that all the man did was steal a bag of Cheetos. Just another case of the police department pulling out all stops to go after someone because of their race. But wait a minute, you forgot to mention that he punched a employee and then wrestled with another before running away. Was it because you saw that as an insignificant part of this story not worthy of a mention? Or was it because it did not fit into Sharpton's usual method of explaining only a part of the whole story to elicit a response? What if the clerk was your son or father or daughter or sister? Would you still think the response was blown out of proportion? What about the next time this person steals, gets caught and assaults someone perhaps even more seriously? What about the seventh paragraph down where you talk about what the store clerk knew ( or didn't know) and further down you admit that your group has not even talked to him yet? And why the hell would he want to talk with you or your group? Finally you ask rhetorically what would happen if this took place in La Jolla? If I walked into a store in La Jolla and stole nothing but punched some worker and wrestled another then ran out, I'm pretty sure that the cops would be looking for me. Nice touch bringing up Rodney King, Travon Martin and Michael Brown by the way, that should ratchet up the anger level a few more notches.
— April 1, 2016 10:29 a.m.

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