Should The Banks Pay Us?

Glad you got your street lights fixed. It's been a frustrating experience in my downtown neighborhood as well. The Downtown Partnership's "Clean & Safe" program is supposed to monitor the street lights and see that the City fixes them - downtown property owners pay extra for that service through extra assessments on their property tax bills. I admit that when/if all the downtown street lights are working, downtown IS better illuminated than many other San Diego neighborhoods, but keeping the lights working requires constant complaints. Faulconer's office is of no help, and you're right, his office rarely even acknowledges emails from constituents - on any topic - and spends too much time on photo ops. The Downtown Residents Group is, unfortunately, a shill for CCDC projects. CCDC encouraged too much speculative building - a disaster for many downtown apartment/condo buildings in which units are now selling for half (or less) of their selling prices of a few years ago and rents are down or units remain empty. Even the designated newer "affordable" units have to offer incentives to get and keep renters these days! It's time to phase out the downtown CCDC redevelopment area and let the money generated downtown be sent to the City's General Fund to be used for the many maintenance needs (particularly streets & sidewalks) of both downtown and the rest of the City - not used to fund a downtown football stadium! (CCDC generated money cannot be spent on maintenance.)
— March 11, 2010 4:57 p.m.

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