SoccerCity's open special influence money frenzy

Why are the city council and the developers acting like children with a quarter at the candy store? The money (In this case a major undeveloped/redevelopable parcel of land in Mission Valley) burning a hole in their pockets. Being pushed to a artificial deadline set by business entities, MLS and FC Partners (?), for a lifetime project on an irreplaceable piece of Community Property just sets us up for the same situation we have with Petco Park, Qualcom Stadium (The Murph), the Chargers and any number of poorly planned developments in the city and county, many right there in Mission Valley. We as San Diegans seem to have an all or nothing attitude about development. FC Partners (?) are not proposing "Soccer City" out of the generousness of their Hearts, they're going to make a S--T load of money off of the largess of the citizens of the City, County and Region. If "Soccer City" is such a worthwhile endeavor, it would stand up to proper vetting, planning and schedule. If a MLS Soccer Franchise is such a good investment the partners would buy the land and build their own facility, not have it part of a scheme to scam the public, "We'll develop this if you give us that, oh, by the way we still control the Team, Land and get the profits. While I am in favor of utilizing the Mission Valley site, there are much better "Public" and "Community" uses than this single use facility and gifting the rest of the site to FC Partners. The City Council should take a long look at future uses of the site with the benefit to the community (99%ers) in mind, not the 1% that wish to eat from the community trough. **BBQ**
— June 5, 2017 7:12 a.m.