South Bay Community Services Looks Good on Paper

I am the Barry John Johnson mentioned in the story. If anyone needs to confirm this or discuss any of my statements or any of the issues mentioned, they can call me at 858 353 1332. Because of this agency, there are definitely people doing good work in the South Bay, and the area would be worse off with out it. However, an agency can do good work and also engage in inappropriate activities. These are not mutually exclusive items. In terms of what to believe or not, please keep in mind the following: I was not awarded $80K for nothing. I feel there is substantial proof and corroboration to support my claims. The corroboration includes people who still work there. I believe that SBCS's own internal documents support my claims as well. If my allegations were false they certainly should not have settled the matter with me within a very short time frame without even a single deposition being taken. It is also certainly not a light matter to take up an employment lawsuit in the first place, and I think the theory is very unlikely that so many people would perjure themselves under threat of the law. Please note, as the article refers to, that with the Guido case, the publicly available court records show that during the litigation, the agency attempted to throw out her case via a motion for summary judgment. The judge considered all the evidence and arguments, and concluded that her case had sufficient factual and legal merit to continue, including on grounds of discrimination, certainly a disturbing cause of action against the agency. That was an objective evaluation for that case. With the other lawsuit, involving refusal to falsify and retaliation, I never met the woman involved. I do tend to believe her story, based upon what I experienced and I find it interesting that her case brought up similar issues. Finally, I do wish the agency well and hope that it continues to serve, with appropriate reforms. I am very interested in seeing reforms occur at this agency. (ditto on, a great resource, look at the IRS 990 forms for lots of financial info i.e. salaries, contracts, even the cost of their big special event)
— February 27, 2011 12:04 p.m.

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