Maritime Terminals Create Good Jobs, Says Research Institute; Idea to "Double-Deck" 10th Ave. Terminal Would Hurt Economy

JF According to the LAFD web page, the starting wage ranges from 46,729 to 64,686. Acccording to the UFLAC local 112 web page, LA firefighters receive the following benefits based on member only enrollment Medical: choose between HMO, $429.00 per month with no member cost and PPO, $529.00 per month with no mwmber cost. Dental: Choose between DRD $71.00 per month with no member cost. Concordia Flex PPO Plan $56.00 per month with no member cost. Concordia DH plan $55.00 with no member cost. A new hire can also purchase supplemental voluntary life and add coverage, example $200,000 of each for $9.00 per month. Not bad. UFLAC provides ltd insurance through the California Association of Professional Firefighters. The premium for this plan is currently $10.25 bi-weekly. It's a little tough to compare pension benefits since LAFFP lists those on their website and apparently San Diego doesn't. I did notice however that LA voted to to remove a definitive ending date for their DROP. So if I was going to start a career as a firefighter, I could go to LA and start at $46,729 and receive at a minimum of $5800 in health benefits at no cost and not live in a city whose cost of living is 50% above the national average. And if I am an experienced firefighter and have a family it's even better. Or I could go to San Diego and get paid less, pay my own insurance and spend alot more to live. Gee, let me think about it. I realize it's a bit over simplified, but I can see your point. The same thing has been happening around the bay area for a couple of years. Firefighters and law enforcement have bee leaving some smaller departments to for jobs in San Francisco. Higher pay and better benefits is the reason.
— August 22, 2008 1:53 p.m.

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