Take a Hikey, Mikey

from the general manager of the station that hired and released mikey, reprinted without permission: From Rick Jackson: Hi - I'd like to thank you for taking the time to write us and share your thoughts about FM 94/9. This is a general note instead of a personal response and for that - I apologize. We've had so many listeners write us that it's impossible to send a personal note to everyone in a timely fashion. I want you to know that I've read every single email sent to our idea box. It's been very helpful, sometimes painful, occasionally funny but always important. Here are the questions and comments that seem to have cropped-up the most: Question - "What happened with Mikey"? Answer - Perhaps this seems like a cop-out but the plain and simple truth is, I can't answer that question. His departure is an internal, personnel matter and legally I am prevented from discussing anything related to that question. I apologize and I hope you can understand that this is equally frustrating for me because I have nothing to hide and prefer a culture of complete disclosure. In this case, it's not possible. Question - "Can you bring Mikey back"? Answer - No. It's over. Question - "Will Steve, Lauren and Jay remain"? Answer - Yes. We have some ideas and many of you have submitted your own about where 94/9 mornings should go from here. Our program director, Garett Michaels, is sitting in this week and we'll have an announcement this Monday about a more permanent solution. Question - "Will you play music in the morning"? Answer - Yes. We honestly don't know how much yet but music will definitely be a part of our morning programming. Question - "Will you return to music only in the morning"? Answer - No. Those are the questions that seemed to be on the minds of most our listeners. Hopefully, I've answered the questions you have. The biggest debate about the future of mornings on FM 94/9 is the question of music vs personality. We've had hundreds of emails from folks who want no part of a show that features music and a nearly equal number from those who want a music only show. And there are as many who would like both - though the idea of what that sounds like varies quite a bit. This isn't an easy decision. Two years ago, the reason the station decided to feature more personality in the morning was because of poor listener support of our previous music intensive morning programming. We struggled for years with many different hosts but music was always the star and consistently, regardless of the host, mornings performed poorly. We haven't forgotten that. At the same time it seems that most of you want at least some music when you wake up. That's certainly not true for everyone - but for most. We heard you and that's likely the direction we'll take.
— March 21, 2012 6:46 a.m.

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