Cave rave at Sunset Cliffs attracts about 100 partiers

http://sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2013/may... Allow me to help you. The first issue I see is that the opening two sentences of this article create a false connection. The rave happened the night of the 25th. There were definitely some surprised surfers that morning but no police were called. I know because I was present from start to bitter end. Police may have been called to the beach on the morning of May 27th but they wouldn't have found a rave. Any police response was for a different group of people on a different day. This is an important distinction. The facts regarding the “cave rave” are: No police responded to the event. The area was left very clean. The graffiti picture you use in your article is from a different location and time. No one camped there. Everyone left the area in the morning. No one made a fire pit. No one I saw had glass. People were told to bring cans. Public urination…well yeah…you got to pee somewhere. Mr. Olson, I see you have written a few other “Neighborhood News” articles for this website. From reading them I gather that you are a surfer who lives in the area. I understand why you would be territorial and I understand why you would write an article that paints the local surfers as mistreated heroes fending off a drunken hoard. But you are never going to graduate to writing real news unless you get your facts straight. This shouldn’t be a sounding board for things that piss you off. The cave rave was one incident that happened at Sunset Cliffs that weekend. It sounds like there were many others. I understand if the rave needs to be part of your story but your headline should read: Sunset Cliffs Attracts Memorial Weekend Parties Causes local wannabe journalist to write terrible article
— May 29, 2013 12:19 a.m.

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