Edison pushed San Onofre beyond breaking point

The main goal of Edison's (SCE) in-house design of the 4 Replacement Steam Generators (RSG's) was to build them quickly without a through NRC technical review that also included public review (called a NRC 50.90 review) so they chose to do it using a NRC 50.59 review which was designed for "like for like" replacement of parts that would not affect safety (like replacing one fan motor with another fan motor, of the same specifications). Since SCE's engineers knew they were doing it on the sly, they not only cut corners but they also failed to get their in-house design reviewed by credible outside steam engineers that had prior experience in large RSG design/fabrication (which none of the SCE engineers had). SCE chose MHI as their manufacturer knowing they had never built large RSG's before and therefore would not talk to the NRC about the project or ask to many questions, which would allow SCE to take care of everything! By using actual meeting notes, posted on SCE's website, the enormity of this debacle becomes easier to understand. In their rush to make more money, by generating additional power from the new larger RSG's SCE became fixated on profits instead of safety! Employees that raised concerns were given the cold shoulder or worse. Once the leak occurred, SCE tried its best to downplay what occurred while at the same time they tried to use MHI as their escape goat. SCE's documents show that MHI was following SCE's orders and constructed the RSG's as SCE's engineers directed. It is also important to note that SCE "accepted" all the RSG's after installation and startup testing, as meeting all contractual criteria! SCE had no idea that while they were operating their RSG's, they were destroying themselves because of their design; instead they were telling the CPUC and ratepayers that they were so good that the service life of San Onofre should be extended! In hindsight, it was pure luck that Southern California only had a small radioactive leak instead of a nuclear incident or even much worse a nuclear accident. BTW: If either of those had occurred, SCE would now be making additional Billions in cleanup just like TEPCO is doing after their triple meltdown at Fukushima which is still polluting the Pacific Ocean. NOTE: The above was posted on the UT site but it was removed for some reason...
— July 21, 2016 4:30 p.m.

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