Pension Woes: Not Just San Diego

Does the general public rely on construction workers to provide safety for their family on a 24/7 basis? Obviously not. It is not fair to compare apples to hamburgers. I'm not saying that there isn't room for pension reform in San Diego, I'm only stating that blaming the safety officers for the decisions of the city council is just wrong. The city employees do not have the benefit of Social Security or any of the other publicly available "entitlements", instead the city leaders decided to make marginally viable wage and pension promises during a strong financial market and when that market turned South (no pun intented) they began thowing stones at their own glass house. The police, fire and lifeguards serve the public and risk their own life and limb in daily support of the citizens of San Diego and compensation for such should not be compared to that of construction workers or any other blue or white collar job. Public Safety is an employment and risk class in and of itself. Compare San Diego fire, police and lifeguards to other major US city departments in the same capacity and you will see that San Diego is below average. Point your animosity and blame at the proper parties: not the day to to day workers who serve the public! For the record, here are some of the nation's salaraies for firefighters:, and police: Also, here are some numbers to review median salaries in San Diego: You will notice that construction workers (managers) make $80K average. Fresno police make more than San Diego police. My point is this: public safety officers who work the day to day in San Diego are not the cause (nor should they be blamed) for the pension debaucle. Best, CDA
— October 13, 2010 11:28 p.m.

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