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Stories by Various Authors

Billy Gibbons, Lifeguards to the Rescue, Antiques and Appraisals, Mother Courage and Her Children, Daybreak at Del Mar

Events November 15-November 21, 2018

Thursday | 15 HELP! San Diego Lifeguards to the Rescue Michael Martino, author and lifegaurd, presents the evolution of lifeguard services in San Diego. The book chronicles the early pre-lifeguard years, when citizens provided aquatic ...

The sensual pleasures of print

Sitting by the sea while perusing the Reader events section

Painfully uneventful One of my favorite mid-week pick-me-ups is walking to our local La Jolla coffee shop, picking up a hot-off-the-press Reader, and sitting by the sea while perusing the events section. Imagining all the ...

Unexpected American influence in Tijuana

Baseball, school, journalism, rehab

Baja's tough-love drug rehab I’ve heard there are Americans down here kicking drugs the tough Mexican way, because the more coddling, more expensive American clinics didn’t work. As soon as you got out, you went ...

To farm in San Diego County

Avocados, marijuana, eggs, bees, ostriches, end of the farm

40 percent of U.S. avocados come from San Diego Alternate bearing is particularly pronounced in the Fuerte variety, and for this reason North County growers are increasingly planting the Hass. The Hass is a relatively ...

This Beautiful City, Chili Cook-Off, Coast to Cactus, Walk from Rim to Creek, Joni Mitchell Throwback

November 8-November 14, 2018

Thursday | 8 This Beautiful City Colorado Springs, home of the Air Force Academy and located at foot of Pike’s Peak, was transformed into the “capital of the Evangelical movement” when Ted Haggard and New ...

Obscenely delayed police response

Native New Yorker never felt unsafe before San Diego

What is Faulconer doing? I love San Diego. Your perfect weather, friendly people and exceptional natural amenities are forcing me to consider keeping a vacation home in SD County. Nevertheless, Mr. Faulconer’s feckless policing policies ...

The Reader gets snarky

La Jolla's Bohemian rhapsody Isn’t that a little-known Renoir sitting there coyly in a comer all by itself? An unfamiliar one to be sure. but. well, there is the poppy field, and there is the ...

San Diego politics in a less cynical era

Maureen O'Connor, Si Casady, right-left rent control debate, Pueblo land, convention center, district elections

The Cinderella story of Maureen O'Connor Maureen’s twin, Mavoumeen, reacted to the idea dubiously. ‘‘Oh God, Maureen,” she told her sister. ‘‘We don’t know anything about government.” Yet Mavoumeen promised to think about it and ...

What San Diegans do with spare time

Jogging, sculpture, cooking, silverware collecting, electronic bulletin board, and ballet

Father of Fitness It is possible one or two other “lone nuts” might also have been jogging somewhere in the county back then. But he knew of none, and the common wisdom in 1948, he ...

Poignant San Diego stories

Big Bear stick-up, mother-son suicide, ousting of Eros, TJ children working, El Cajon Blvd scuz motels,Poway teen tweaker

Stick-up on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard Fear rolled in and swept away his jumble of thoughts. Derek forced calm upon himself. “He’s not going to hurt us if we cooperate. He only wants the money. He’ll ...

Metamorphoses, Fleet Week, Filamfest, UK Subs and Agent Orange, Halloween at Liberty Station

Events October 25-October 31, 2018

Friday | 26 Metamorphoses Tales from Ovid, Roman poet and one of Shakespeare’s favorites, include: Midas, whose touch turned things into gold; Alcyone and Ceyx, who, reunited after his death, became seabirds; Orpheus, god of ...

San Diego subcultures

Moonies, Asian refugees, boxing aspirants, craftsmen, Chabad Jews, future ballet dancers

Reverend Moon Wants You The van was ready to leave at exactly eleven o’clock. This time, the load was considerably smaller — just myself, two drivers, several cases of vegetables and other foodstuffs, and a ...

Actually, Edgar Allan Poe Fest, Hike and Harvest Santa Ysabel Indian Mission, Dia de los Muertos, KT Tunstall

Events October 18-October 24, 2018

Thursday | 18 Actually Amber Cohen and Tom Anthony are freshmen at Princeton University. They flirt after class and find themselves at the same raucous kegger party. Although the connection seems innocent at first, the ...

Without DST — I am confined to my condominium.

School begins too early for the good of the students

Don’t turn back the clock I am writing to oppose Prop 7, the proposition that Daylight Saving Time (DST) be abandoned for the state of California (“Daylight Saving Time: Deal with it,” Ask a Hipster, ...

Little known San Diego history

The Marstons, movies, the earliest man, American TV from Mexico, North City West, and San Diego's most unusual neighborhood

The Marstons of San Diego In early 1974 he went to the city council and told them that he and his aunt, Mary Marston, would put up $10,000 to cover the cost of having an ...

Persuasion, Kate Morgan ghost tour, Kumeyaay lakes campground, Serbian food and dancing, Sting and Shaggy

Events October 11-October 17, 2018

Thursday | 11 Persuasion Seven years ago, Anne Elliot of Kellynch Hall was engaged to Captain Frederick Wentworth, but was persuaded to break the engagement because of his low status. Now he is back from ...

Gas tax, Bauder retirement, Duncan Hunter, Mike Schaefer, Matthew Philbin

Letters to the editor

Gas tax invasion In connection with gas tax initiatives on ballots (“GOP gov. candidate Cox was major donor of gas tax repeal,” News Ticker, July 13), who recalls the time when California had a multi-billion ...

San Diego characters 38 years ago

Raoul Marquis, Larry Remer, Ted Leitner, Ted Kastrubala, Highlander man, the man who started greyhound racing

Raoul Marquis – mayor of India Street Marquis was into the “penicillin culture’’ of theater, in which theater thrives on itself and expands; the more it is produced, the more it will be produced. And ...

Gas tax repeal, Koch Bros as pretenders, Golden Age of Debt

Squandered taxes Why am I supporting Proposition 6, the gas tax Repeal initiative (“GOP gov. candidate Cox was major donor of gas tax repeal,” News Ticker, July 13)? It galls me that the state government ...

HIR, Music Hall of Fame, Maker Faire, Pumpkins and farm animals, Jigsaw puzzle competition

Events October 4-October 10, 2018

Thursday | 4 From Afghanistan to California Hir: For three years while serving in Afghanistan, Isaac worked for the mortuary affairs department. He bagged body parts, labeling them when possible. Along the way, he became ...

Take a deep breath

San Diego's saddest stories, part II

The blood upon his hands In May of 1979, while he was a teaching assistant at UCSD’s drama department, he won the role of Agamemnon in Orestes! Orestes!, an adaptation of the ancient Greek tragedy. ...

What were Reader editors thinking?

Funny San Diego, part II

Men's summer swimsuit issue "I feel really good in a swimsuit. I could look better. I used to look a little better, more in shape. But then, you know, kids, job, the passage of time. ...

Ringo Starr, La Mesa Oktoberfest, Young Frankenstein, San Diego Cabrillo Festival, 53rd Annual Fall Bonsai Show

Events September 27-October 3, 2018

Ringo Starr, La Mesa Oktoberfest, Young Frankenstein, San Diego Cabrillo Festival, 53rd Annual Fall Bonsai Show

Bauder, Marks, Deegan rile readers

Letters from the public

Farewell to Don Bauder Best wishes for health & happiness in retirement(“Farewell to a professional love,” News Ticker, September 17). I have enjoyed your columns ever since you arrived in San Diego. You always ‘called ...

Read and weep

San Diego's saddest stories

A bump on the head could kill Chris O'Rourke One in three persons survives Hodgkin's disease, but O'Rourke's chances appear not to be that good, because his case was discovered in its advanced stages. he's ...

Were Reader editors crazy?

Funny San Diego

The unbearable rightness of being Roger Hedgecock I could try it on as a character study, say; a little third-person warmup, workout; a final stretching exercise before switching (forever) to fiction. The heart of darkness ...

Jason Aldean, Margaritaville Golf, Vista Viking Fest, Bull in a China Shop, Moon Festival

Events September 20-September 26, 2018

Jason Aldean, Margaritaville Golf, Vista Viking Fest, Bull in a China Shop, Moon Festival

Trump supporter calls out Scott Marks

Blackkklansman provided the opportunity

Diss not Donald Trump Just reading the review of the blackkklansman (“BlacKkKlansman,” Movie Reviews). Real classy. Why do you have to diss the president? I think he’s doing a pretty good job. So sad. Mike ...

Well, it's a job

Flower growers, waste managers, controlled burners, comic, old-time waitress, guy who likes bugs

Soil, water, light, and money “If you grow chrysanthemums in your garden, they’ll always bloom in the fall,” he explains. “Here we artificially manipulate them to make them bloom according to our schedule. Our biggest ...

Off the beaten path

Early online chatters, UFO seers, TJ AIDS activists, Makeda Cheatom, women bodybuilders, homeschoolers

Members of the Keyboard Nash and I and some 3000 other people subscribe ($8 per month, $3 per hour) to The WELL, a four-year-old computer conferencing system. Such a system permits an individual to sit ...

The Tannahill Weavers, The Heart of Rock & Roll, Longboard Surfing Contest, 90 Years of San Diego Tiki, FlyCasting Clinic

Events September 13-September 19, 2018

The Tannahill Weavers, The Heart of Rock & Roll, Longboard Surfing Contest, 90 Years of San Diego Tiki, FlyCasting Clinic

At first Fuchida had no regrets about Pearl Harbor

North Park scam and sexual torture of children

Fuchida’s journey I first met Stu Hedley (“Grenades, rockets, bombs, machine gun fire in San Diegans’ ears,” Cover Story, August 29). some time in the early 2000s on/around Pearl Harbor Day when my wife and ...

On San Diego's mind in early 80s

Airport re-location, Lake Murray drying up, Tijuana factories, newspaper reporters becoming flaks

There's trouble down the runway “For the runways alone you need a hunk of flat ground two miles long and half a mile wide. It should have enough acreage to accommodate terminal and parking, and ...

Unique San Diego people

Lefty Adler, Jerry Herrera, Jack Orr, two Russian emigres, the king of Moonlight Beach

You are looking at a free man “The sea boundary of the Soviet Union in the Far East was known to me. I knew that . . . Japan is far, and North Korea extradites ...

Fun Home, 50 Short Hikes, Greek Festival, Kidpreneur Expo, Murder By Death

Events September 6-September 12, 2018

Fun Home, 50 Short Hikes, Greek Festival, Kidpreneur Expo, Murder By Death

Harmony Grove danger, scooter danger

Letters from concerned readers

Builders’ fire sale Its all about money and property taxes!( “San Diego builds itself into danger”, Neighborhood News, August 24) To continue to build after half of the state of California has burned, do we ...

So Eighties

Long arm of the FBI, plastic surgery, behind scenes at San Diego Rep, San Ysidro as step-child, UCSD artists against art, bizarre churches of San Diego

The long arm of ABSCAM reaches San Diego At 5:15 the morning after his return to San Diego, the phone rang in Gulve’s home. At the other end of the line the emir’s familiar voice ...

Personal stories from 30 years ago

Staying the night at rescue mission, jumping from S.D. tall buildings, crazy friend, marrying for joke, Zen Buddhists, suddenly rich

Gimme shelter: all this for a cot and a meal Someone wrapped a newspaper around one ceiling light fixture to dim the glare. I took a top bunk. Removed my hat and sneakers, otherwise stretched ...

Lost local bands of the 60s/70s - Sandi & the Accents

"San Diego was considered creatively untouchable"

One member would later be mocked on Mystery Science Theater 3000

San Diego disparate but interesting characters

Gary Puckett, Willie Morrow, Father Luis Jaime, Herb Klein, dangerous women

The short career of Gary Puckett and the Union Gap It was the following spring that Puckett and his band reached the pinnacle. “Young Girl,” written by Jerry Fuller, was released in February of 1968 ...

Crime in 1980s San Diego

Bookmaking, porn, murder, car theft

P.S., your car is gone “Our guy finds [another] wrecked Datsun 4X4 in a junkyard, changes over all the numbers from it to the one he found in the canyon. But when he took it ...

Smokefall, the Alarm, Tuna Challenge, full moon night walk, West Coast shell show

Events August 23-August 29, 2018

Thursday | 23 Smokefall Violet is pregnant with twins. They perform a vaudeville routine and ponder their future and their father wants to run away. Was it because he told 16-year-old daughter Beauty he needed ...

Poor taste on Power Surge, wrong about margherita pizza and RBG hagiography

Happy to see tuna observer story, though

Reality gap? When Mr. Joe Deegan approached one of the parents about doing a write-up (“Power Surge San Diego’s impressive girls,” City Lights, August 8) on this team it was with the understanding that it ...

San Diego's ideal jobs

Pawnbroker, assistant vet, travel writer, teacher, home construction consultant, pastry chef

Watches and rings and people and things Pawning, generally, is something other than a lopsided contest between loansharks and the destitute. Most of Smith’s customers, he says ninety percent of them, come back to redeem ...

San Diego characters not to forget

Jack Jocoy, Raquel Martinez, Denise Carabet, Fred Schnaubelt, Ray Huffman, Kile Morgan

Del Mar's horse vet Jack Jocoy has seen it all With that big break — caring for a Derby winner — Jocoy’s career began to soar, other trainers reasoning that if Jocoy took care of ...

OK to point to Southwest as noisemaker

They have 39 percent of San Diego air traffic

An author speaks over the noise In response to the letters regarding my story “Airport Noise - From La Mesa to La Jolla” (Cover Stories, August 1): The FAA and San Diego have the ability ...

Stories you won't read outside of San Diego

Our water sources, Mission Valley flooding, both sides of tuna, who sold our land, sailors on liberty

Not with a flood but with a trickle The city’s per capita consumption of 192 gallons a day in fiscal 1981 is well above the national average of 170. Every day 17 million gallons of ...

Ace Frehley, Idomeneo, Ripcord, Burning Man at USD, Reefer Madness, the Musical

Events August 9-August 15, 2018

Thursday | 9 Ace Frehley Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley has spent around a decade living in San Diego, where he teamed up with local singer Rachael Gordon (they got a condo together near Balboa ...

Why airport noise complainers have no case

Letters from our readers

Free to move about in noise While I sympathize with residents who have been frustrated dealing with the FAA on this issue, (“Airport Noise - from La Mesa to La Jolla,” Cover Stories, August 1) ...

Mya, Bon Odori Festival, Scootercon, Farm to bottle kombucha, Who was Atticus Finch?

Events August 2-August 8, 2018

Thursday | 2 Mya Mya is an old-fashioned R&B singer in the tradition of the female frontwomen of the Mary Jane Girls and TLC, who also infuses the more contemporary sounds of acts such as ...

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