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Stories by Ted Burke

Strange Storm out of Brooklyn

The Darrin James Band's latest is blues-rock tempered to our times

Strange Storm, the third album from the Brooklyn-based Darrin James Band, is truth-telling of the bitterest sort, ten tracks naming the slights we do each other, intended and otherwise. Following suit, Darrin James, principle songwriter ...

Sluka releases his Introversions

San Diego's "gothic cavalier" finds his bright side, sort of

Christopher Sluka, a San Diego resident and a singer/songwriter/musician most commonly cast as a goth rocker, has released an album, Introversions, that seems to be an effort to expand his horizons beyond a half-melodic philosophy ...

Once in a Blue Moon no soothing tonic

Robert Nix's latest adds muscle-tone to art-rock

Robert Nix is a Canadian composer and multi-instrumentalist whose recent album, Once in a Blue Moon, highlights a man adding muscle-tone to the business of art-rock. Acquainted with absurdity and valuing the artist impulse to ...

Bryan Deister — jack of all trades, master of none

Art-rock hopeful's sprawling Spines of the Heart reviewed

Publicity materials for Bryan Deister assert that he's a student at Berklee School of Music and that he has extensive experience in studying and performing music of all sorts, be it classical, jazz, straight-ahead rock, ...

The Lost Poets do depression right

Insubordian Pt. 11's thick murk is where grunge might have gone

The Lost Poets are a faux-anonymous duo from Sweden consisting of David Rosengren (vocals, guitar) and Petter Ossian Strömberg (drums), and their specialty is striving to make the shriekiest, most downcast, most turgid and grinding ...

Reader writers tell funny stories about dead colleague, Steve Esmedina

Blubbo's world

Esmo’s phone manner was so hugger-mugger that I could be sitting four feet away and could not make out a single word. For all I could tell, he might have been laying fifty on a pony.

I Feel a Jam Coming On

Mesa College classmate, fellow cub music writer

Every time I invited Steve Esmedina to hang out at my place in the Clairemont–Pacific Beach area in the early ’70s when I first met him, he’d stare at me through curiously squinted eyes, smirking. ...

A Moby Grape Survivor

Two related incidents to begin with.

Moby Grape's move to Santa Cruz was an attempt to get away from the meth and smack that were going down heavy in San Francisco

"Let's hear it for Yoko in her first San Diego appearance."

And her last

Lennon's going to be here," he shouted to his friend. "I just heard it. John Lennon's gonna be here. Hot damn!" He fidgeted in his seat, took a glance at the Padre game being played ...

San Diego Comic Convention at the Sheraton

Star Trek costumes, Captain America T-shirts, Carmine Infintino, Jack Kirby, Neal Adams

Comic books. Cheap stuff. The lowest form of literature. Parents and educators alike condemned comics as barrel-bottom escapism, juvenile delinquent fare. When kids were found reading Tales From The Crypt instead of studying algebra, adults ...

Alice Cooper's tired album

Billion Dollar Babies gives us nothing

Billion Dollar Babies by Alice Cooper is a tired album. Serving as a perfunctory follow-up to School's Out, it continues the group's pre-occupation with elemental muzak. A backdrop for Cooper's theatrics. In the context of ...

Nixon cancels the draft, I take my draft physical

The mood was different this time

The day started out in confusion. Nixon had ordered a stop to the draft two days before, and I was still going over my orders to report for a physical in Los Angeles. Would I ...