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Stories by Phyllis Orrick

From the Baja-Ha-Ha race to the Coconut Milk Run

"El Nino is supposed to diminish the trade winds"

It takes a lot of work to drop out of the rat race if the escape route entails crossing 3000-plus miles of Pacific Ocean. Justask Ellie Goolkasian and David Hudson, most recently of Oceanside. Three ...

Rita Bronowski recalls her life in the sun.

Stranded in La Jolla

The English-Speaking Union, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Planned Parenthood are among other groups that Rita has helped out. “I even had a big Clinton party here. I think he let us all down, don’t you?”

Olaf Wieghorst trusted the wrong man

How some San Diegans got burned in a Western art scam

Roy offered to authenticate some people’s holdings, but “this way, they don’t know, and they can turn around and sell it and in all good conscience say it’s an original Wieghorst as far as they know.”

Why Kate Sessions, the Mother of Balboa Park, Is the mother of us all

In her tweeds, her big shoes, her felt hat pulled low over her eyes

Aller traced Kate’s early palms (including those on Horton Plaza, Sixth Avenue, and Orange Avenue in Coronado) to seeds acquired by a nurseryman from a South African conservatory 40 years earlier. That would have dated them to 1892.

Let’s Be Friends

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