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A well-executed sweater from Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, or Tommy Hilfiger

Ninety-nine percent of hoodies look awful

Pretty soon, San Diego will return to its baseline of warm-weather semi-nudity. Your potato-bodied author considers this bad news. Layer while the weather permits. Layering, or wearing multiple pieces of clothing on your torso, makes ...

Clothing is a language. Stop mumbling.

“I dunno, I’m just a normal guy, I guess.”

If you want to learn how to dress well, the best way to start isn’t to turn to style experts. It’s to pay attention to the people around you. Develop an ear for what people ...

The four important elements of button-down

When in doubt, err on the side of boring

Learn to wear a casual button-down shirt. It’s the most versatile shirt on offer, appropriate for everything but weddings and funerals. They’re not dress shirts. The main difference is that you can wear casual shirts ...

Look better than 95 percent of other men with t-shirts and Chinos

Pick solid, neutral colors

Unless you’re a wayward fur trapper, you will be wearing t-shirts for the rest of the summer. There are a few ways to make them look great. The t-shirt is the most casual article of ...

Flat-front, slim-fit chino shorts: as formal as they come

If you’re going to tuck your shirt in or wear more formal shoes like loafers, just wear long pants

It’s almost illegal not to wear shorts in San Diego. Unfortunately, most guys do not pull them off well. Preserve your style by wearing shorts that fit perfectly, are in a conservative color, and are ...

Class up your torso with a Polo shirt

Fit is the most important factor determining how good your shirt will look

As monsoon season draws to a close, San Diego men are reverting to their natural attire: board shorts and beer tees. There’s a better alternative: the polo shirt. Polo shirts are an easy way for ...

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