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1976 San Diego guide to surfing spots

Tamarack, Swami's, Black's, Windansea, Ocean Beach, Needle's Eye, Ralph's, Tijuana Sloughs

There is no such thing as a secret spot in San Diego. A million surfers have gone looking for waves in this county over the last 30 years, and probably every spot that can be ...

Surfboard shapers Mike Easton, Mike Doyle, Skip Frye, Bill Caster, Donald Takayama, L.J.Richards, Tony Cannin, Bill Owen

Bob Simmons now has a reef and rip current named after him at WindanSea

In the mind of every perfect surfer, there exists a perfect surfboard. But the surfer is always changing his mind. Suppose he's at the South Mission jetty, watching a wave with the mass of a ...

Journal of an Amateur Shaper

A Mission Beach lifeguard told me to wash up with Borax or acetone and quit being a dope

My surfboard is what you might call (what my friends do call) a pig-board. I shaped it myself, and wrapped it with two layers of 4-ounce fiberglass, teh first layer, clear, for lightness. The second ...

The happy lifeguards of San Diego

They do everything but sell Coppertone

In the Spring of 1973, Paul J. decided to become a San Diego City Lifeguard. He went to the City Administration Building at 202 “C” Street and filled out an application for Lifeguard I, summer ...

San Diego apartment renters doomed by conversions

Condo crunch

I testified recently before the San Diego Regional Coast Commission, in behalf of some Mission Beach friends. Their 6-unit apartment complex. Far Horizon, is being yanked from under them for conversion to condominiums. First the ...

University Hospital's ER takes 'em all

Life, death, and in between

The police officer pushes his prisoner, locked in a wheelchair, through the Emergency Room doors. The man, a well-dressed scuffler, sits with his head on his chest and says nothing as the officer checks in ...

Let’s Be Friends

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