Kirk K.

Kirk K. joined the Reader's band of food critics in January of 2011.

Articles by Kirk K.

    All over the map

    The diversity of cuisine that San Diego County offers

    I’m usually at a loss when asked what the “best restaurant neighborhood” in San Diego is. The truth is, we log in some miles going to our favorite places. South to Chula Vista for Mariscos ...

    From under the radar: Antojitos Colombianos

    Cali, as in Colombia

    In spite of the ever-rising price of gas, I try to get out of my neighborhood(s) and see what’s going on elsewhere. And so, one morning about three months ago, I took a drive along ...

    Lunchtime in Kearny Mesa

    I’m just an average guy who likes to eat, cook, and travel. Food is the window through which I see the world. It’s through various cuisines that I learn about history and culture. It’s the ...

    Sweet, Salty, Sticky

    Always order the fish sauce chicken wings at Que Huong.

    Flavors Like Life

    Try your luck at the Thai-Lao-Chinese-Vietnamese 777 Noodle House in City Heights.

    But I Did Eat at a Holiday Inn This Morning

    Chinese breakfast at Chin’s Seafood & Grill, in Miramar’s Holiday Inn.

    Most Important Meal of the Day

    That’s what they call breakfast, right? But, honestly, most weekdays, I’m not very good at getting my day started off right. Our household does enjoy breakfast on weekends, and we always take note of what ...

    A New Gaijin-neration

    I wasn’t sure what to think when I first heard about Gaijin Noodle + Sake House. Taken literally, the word “gaijin” means “foreigner.” In actual usage, it means “non-Japanese.” But growing up in Hawaii, “gaijin,” ...