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I just like unusual shapes

You’ve got Sunset Cliffs when it gets too hairy.

Name: Jason Yamaoka Age: 39 Location: Ocean Beach Jason Yamaoka stood on the sand a couple hundred yards north of the Ocean Beach pier under a patchy May sky after a morning surf. Yamaoka grew ...

Seals and dolphins all the time

Stitches every five years

Name: Julian Malotti Age: 43 From: Clairemont Location: Ocean Beach It was a windy day at Ocean Beach when I approached Julian Malotti. “I’ve been surfing since 1986, when I was eleven. It’s a hobby, ...

Longboard first

Once you start to pop up, then the shortboard is better

Name: Joshua Beneventi Age: 24 From: Ocean Beach Location: Ocean Beach, near the Jetty Local surfer Joshua Beneventi has been surfing Ocean Beach since he was a kid. “I’ve been surfing on and off throughout ...

Around surfing, but played football

Coming out and trying to get more into it.”

Name: Tyler Vasquez Age: 24 From: La Mesa Location: Ocean Beach Tyler Vasquez was sitting on the beach, watching the waves and other surfers. “My buddies surf a lot, so I came out with them ...

Guys with holes in wetsuits nar-doggin’ it

More powerful, bigger wave and a more consistent swell

Name: Noah Roistacher Age: 22 From: the SDSU/College Area Location: Ocean Beach Noah Roistacher frequents O.B. a couple times a week. On this December early evening, Roistacher doesn’t mind the colder waters. “As long as ...

The swell last week was six feet

But I'm thinking of getting booties

Name: Jonathan Hays Age: 20 From: Ocean Beach Location: Ocean Beach On a December afternoon in Ocean Beach, Jonathan Hays is considering getting a warmer wetsuit. “Yeah a wetsuit is a must [in the winter]. ...

Get barreled in Popotla

"I wasn't taught by surf instructor and that sucked."

Name: Amanda Plesa Age: 23 From: Del Mar Location: Del Mar Beach Amanda Plesa has been a surf instructor for Fulcrum Surf School for five years. “We work with all the local high-schools and middle ...

San Diego surf spots — if it's crowded, it's crowded

Works at the towers here as a lifeguard

Name: Evan Harris Age: 22 From: Del Mar Location: Torrey Pines Evan Harris was heading to the water when I caught up with him on a cloudy day in Torrey Pines. Harris finds himself at ...

El Cajon to La Jolla in the name of surf

"I avoid Windansea because the water’s very shallow."

Name: Margaret Sporleder Age: 20 From: El Cajon Occupation: Swim instructor and lifeguard Margaret Sporleder takes the 35-minute commute from El Cajon to La Jolla Shores. “The waves there don’t come in at an angle, ...

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