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Around surfing, but played football

Coming out and trying to get more into it.”

Name: Tyler Vasquez Age: 24 From: La Mesa Location: Ocean Beach Tyler Vasquez was sitting on the beach, watching the waves and other surfers. “My buddies surf a lot, so I came out with them ...

Guys with holes in wetsuits nar-doggin’ it

More powerful, bigger wave and a more consistent swell

Name: Noah Roistacher Age: 22 From: the SDSU/College Area Location: Ocean Beach Noah Roistacher frequents O.B. a couple times a week. On this December early evening, Roistacher doesn’t mind the colder waters. “As long as ...

The swell last week was six feet

But I'm thinking of getting booties

Name: Jonathan Hays Age: 20 From: Ocean Beach Location: Ocean Beach On a December afternoon in Ocean Beach, Jonathan Hays is considering getting a warmer wetsuit. “Yeah a wetsuit is a must [in the winter]. ...

Get barreled in Popotla

"I wasn't taught by surf instructor and that sucked."

Name: Amanda Plesa Age: 23 From: Del Mar Location: Del Mar Beach Amanda Plesa has been a surf instructor for Fulcrum Surf School for five years. “We work with all the local high-schools and middle ...

San Diego surf spots — if it's crowded, it's crowded

Works at the towers here as a lifeguard

Name: Evan Harris Age: 22 From: Del Mar Location: Torrey Pines Evan Harris was heading to the water when I caught up with him on a cloudy day in Torrey Pines. Harris finds himself at ...

El Cajon to La Jolla in the name of surf

"I avoid Windansea because the water’s very shallow."

Name: Margaret Sporleder Age: 20 From: El Cajon Occupation: Swim instructor and lifeguard Margaret Sporleder takes the 35-minute commute from El Cajon to La Jolla Shores. “The waves there don’t come in at an angle, ...

It can be dangerous in Windansea

Come out when it’s flat and find out where all the rocks are

Name: William Farris Age: 34 Location: Windansea Beach It was a crowded day in Windansea when I caught up to William Farris, on the corner of Neptune and Fern Glen. The San Diegan started surfing ...

Someone pushed me off the wave

I just tell them to back off

Name: Derek Gerard Age: 13 Location: Ocean Beach Off Abbott Street, 13-year-old Derek Gerard was looking out at the water after a long surf session. “I just had a problem out there a couple of ...

Girls cheer each other on

Scorpion Bay was epic.

Name: Carla Verbrugghen Age: 54 Location: Ocean Beach Occupation: Surf Instructor Carla Verbrugghen and her daughter were at the showers in OB when I meet up with them. Verbrugghen has been surfing since she was ...

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