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Hit in the rib cage by board in Hawaii

I didn’t get stitches, I just put glue on it

Name: Clara Macculloch Age: 19 From: Sunset Cliffs Location: Sunset Cliffs Clara Macculloch was pulling her board out of her Dad’s car in Sunset Cliffs when we stopped to chat. “I live right at the ...

Started going down to Punta Mita in the 80s

Now it’s just like the Mexican Riviera

Name: Amy Lepine Age: 53 From: Ocean Beach Location: Sunset Cliffs Amy Lepine is an OB native and Sunset Cliffs is her beach. “This is a little slice of heaven here… I know a lot ...

Surfing meant partying, like the Gidget movie

I never told a girl’s parents that I was a surfer

Name: Michael Curtis Age: 69 From: Sunset Cliffs Location: Sunset Cliffs It was an overcast morning by the Sunset Cliff stairs when Michael Curtis and I started to chat. Curtis has been surfing since 1954. ...

Surfed naked at Blacks Beach

I was 23 and living in New Mexico

Name: Shona Neufeld Age: 30 From: San Diego Location: Sunset Cliffs Shona Neufeld was walking to her car with board on head when I approached her. Neufeld is from Albuquerque, New Mexico, but she moved ...

Caught inside the waves in Cabarita

The best and scariest tube ride I've ever had

Name: Steve Kathey Age: 59 From: Ocean Beach Location: Sunset Cliffs Steve Kathey was walking to his car after a morning of surfing when we stopped to chat. “I’m born and raised in San Diego ...

Surfing is a sport, not a lifestyle

I guess people really take it spiritually

Name: Mark Kirchner Age: 57 From: Clairemont Location: Ocean Beach Mark Kirchner and I stopped to chat near the lifeguard tower. Kirchner has been surfing San Diego for about 25 years. “I don’t know what ...

Surfing kind of saved me from being an alcoholic

If I stay up drinking, I can’t paddle out

Name: James Age: 39 From: La Mesa Location: Ocean Beach Today, Ocean Beach is particularly crowded due to a surf school. I caught up with James as he was heading to the showers after a ...

Lost vision in the waves

A big board can knock you out

Name: Santiago Guadalupe Age: 30 From: Ocean Beach Location: Tourmaline Surf Park Santiago Guadalupe was heading to the showers, board on head, when we stopped to chat. “I just got this longboard. It’s a Murphy ...

The most terrifying thing is the stingray

I’m going to keep surfing until I can’t

Name: Doc Waske Age: 74 From: La Mesa Location: Tourmaline Surf Park On a sunny day in Pacific Beach, Don Waske was heading to the showers after a morning surf session. Waske started surfing San ...

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