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You just got to yell at people

Mission Beach jetty better for goofy footers

Name: Bryce Victery Age: 26 From: Mission Beach Location: South Mission, Jetty It was a windy day at the jetty when Bryce Victery pulled his board out of the water after a morning surf. Victery ...

I saw the shark go past the tip of my board

It was eight foot at least

Name: Steve Jones Age: 51 From: Chula Vista Location: Tourmaline Surf Park It was a cloudy day at Tourmaline when Steve Jones had finished his morning session. Jones has been surfing for ten years; he ...

I haven’t been yelled at too much

Your feet get cut up a ton

Name: Matt Nolan Age: 33 From: Mission Hills Location: Tourmaline Surf Park Matt Nolan has been surfing for three years. His main beaches are Tourmaline and La Jolla Shores, places that are good for beginner ...

Mission Beach sandbars not what they were

By the time I’m done, it starts to freshen

Name: Cory Age: 45 From: Mission Beach Location: North Mission Beach Cory was walking up to the showers past the boardwalk when I stopped to talk with him. “I’ve been surfing for 25 years. It’s ...

I'm still grabbing the rails

Not going to be nose riding

Name: Kris Manske Age: 43 Location: Ocean Beach Kris Manske was pulling a potato chip wrapper out of her wetsuit pocket right by the large lifeguard tower. “I found that out in the ocean”. Manske’s ...

I just like unusual shapes

You’ve got Sunset Cliffs when it gets too hairy.

Name: Jason Yamaoka Age: 39 Location: Ocean Beach Jason Yamaoka stood on the sand a couple hundred yards north of the Ocean Beach pier under a patchy May sky after a morning surf. Yamaoka grew ...

Seals and dolphins all the time

Stitches every five years

Name: Julian Malotti Age: 43 From: Clairemont Location: Ocean Beach It was a windy day at Ocean Beach when I approached Julian Malotti. “I’ve been surfing since 1986, when I was eleven. It’s a hobby, ...

Longboard first

Once you start to pop up, then the shortboard is better

Name: Joshua Beneventi Age: 24 From: Ocean Beach Location: Ocean Beach, near the Jetty Local surfer Joshua Beneventi has been surfing Ocean Beach since he was a kid. “I’ve been surfing on and off throughout ...

Around surfing, but played football

Coming out and trying to get more into it.”

Name: Tyler Vasquez Age: 24 From: La Mesa Location: Ocean Beach Tyler Vasquez was sitting on the beach, watching the waves and other surfers. “My buddies surf a lot, so I came out with them ...

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