Les Miserables at Civic Theatre

A touring "mega-musical" is almost a contradiction. By the time some reach San Diego they have the pared-down look of ...

Letters from the End of the World, Part One

The letters of Testuzo Hirasaki, a Japanese American interned at the Santa Anita racetrack (dubbed “Santa Japanita”) following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Truth Attack — God of Carnage at the Old Globe

“A mouthful of rum and — bam — the real face appears.”

Before God of Carnage begins at the Old Globe’s White Theatre, Robert Morgan’s set makes a quiet suggestion. Dark objects stand on the perimeter of a circular living room. A small wet bar and sofa ...

Divine Rivalry at the Old Globe; Cygnet Theatre's Man of La Mancha

As a youth, the poet William Wordsworth crossed the Alps. He hiked the Simplon Pass, a “steep and rugged” road over a mile above sea level. When he reached the other side he stopped cold. ...

The Big Noise: The Free Speech Fight of 1912, Part Eight

Three years after San Diego’s free-speech fight began, vigilantes stood at the ready.

Pop Quiz Answered

Who wrote the novel and when? Another hint: "Once books appealed to ...people. The world was roomy. But then the ...

La Jolla Playhouse stages An Iliad

One of the best features of An Iliad is how contemporary references function like Homer’s similes.

Anything Goes at Moonlight Theatre

The S.S. America sails into Porterland, a place so sacred, the faithful feel like removing their shoes.

An allegiance

Longtime fans of San Diego theater will recognize her name. For years, Linda Castro was one of our leading lights ...

Allegiance, an important musical at the Old Globe

Everything became extreme, chaotic, life-threatening for over 120,000 Japanese Americans.

Sharks in Swampland

La Jolla Playhouse stages David Mamet's blowtorch comedy Glengarry Glen Ross.

Good People at the Old Globe; Exit Interview at the Rep

Margie’s lived all her life in blue-collar South Boston. Now 30 years since she was a teen, she recounts the fates of former “Southies.” Sheila Sheen od’d. And Marty McDermott’s doing time in Walpole prison. ...

Julia at Ion Theatre

August Strindberg died 100 years ago. To celebrate the Centennial, Ion Theatre's 50th production is its fifth world premiere. Claudio ...

So Long

It had to end sometime. Now’s as bad a time as any. After thirty-eight years of them — commencing with a typo-marred encomium on Hickey and Boggs dated November 2, 1972 — this is to ...


An old question asks: If you could invite five historical figures to dinner (and could speak their language), which five ...

Through Pity and Terror

Ira Aldridge Players' The Gospel at Colonus; The Sugar Witch at OnStage.

Robert Smyth: Lamb's 12 most important shows (one through four)

Around the World in 80 Days is Lamb's Players Theatre's 300th production. Robert Smyth has been with the company since ...

Head for the Hills

Presidio Hill, the “Plymouth Rock of the West” is also the “cradle of golf in San Diego.”

Plaid Tidings at New Village Arts

Bad news on the Heaven Front: for many, acceptance doesn't guarantee tenure. The Our Lady of Harrisburg bus did the ...

OnStage Playhouse has Persuasion

Jane Austen’s characters read each other like novels. They inspect qualities, every human chapter and verse, and sum them up in lists of checks and balances. In Persuasion, Austen writes, “Her manners were open, easy, ...

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