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Lose the doofus Marine haircuts and the Smith Brothers Cough Drop beards

A hodgepodge of letters

Touched I was in a hurry and wasn’t going to pick up the last Reader at my local Circle K. As I started to pull away, I changed my mind. For some reason, I (out ...

That not-in-my-backyard-mentality

Countywide feedback about Francis Parker

Violence Against Animals This is a horrible image that you put on the cover of the May 19 issue, a picture of a shark that was slaughtered to death. The people in the picture are ...

Sharks rampage in La Jolla

Kayakers hooted and hollered as large threshers took them on sleigh rides out to sea.

May the Fourth. International Star Wars day to some, but to La Jolla kayak fishermen, it will forever be the beginning of the Wide Open Thresher Bite of 2016. The gray, windless day — with ...


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