San Diego voyages, 1987-1994

Deep hike with Jerry Schad, San Dieguito River, road trips from San Diego, El Cajon Mountain ruins friendship

Read more voyages in the Reader: bike ride to Milwaukee aborted, hitching with CBers, quest for San Diego River source, Dad and I in La Paz, who rides the Greyhound, scary sail from Newport Beach, ...

Hike from the San Diego River source, La Paz with Dad, lost at sea off Mission Bay, Pacific Crest Trail, El Camino Real

Voyages, 1975-1986

Read more voyages in the Reader: trek with trail wizard Jerry Schad, San Dieguito River hike from Volcan Mountain to Del Mar, bike ride from San Diego to Minnesota, Amtrak from Oakland to New Orleans, ...

Baja Was Made for Travelers Like Henry

On Mex 1 with my maniac father-in-law

Henry left this morning. He hooked up with a fellow we met on the morning radio net who was looking for a little company on his drive to La Paz. He’ll bring the truck back tonight.

A Reckless Assault on El Cajon Mountain

Darkness falls fast and Christian charity comes to the rescue

Eighteen hours in the field, and my acquaintance with J. was doomed forever. He never got over my verbal abuse. We climbed together one last time a year after our adventure, but it just wasn’t the same.

From Oakland to New Orleans on the California Zephyr

Hurtling into the heart of something

Pete tells Wayne about survival food, the bazooka. Wayne rubs his brow with an Amtrak napkin. Pete says that one night, in Detroit, when he’d smoked too much crack— ‘‘You guys know crack?” he asks and we nod obediently.

Every San Diego hitchhiker has a story of his favorite ride

If you have to thumb a ride, you have to tell a story

The smartest hitchhiker I heard about was a guy who hitched carrying his belongings in a gas can with the bottom cut out. Drivers who will never pick up a hitchhiker will stop for a motorist out of gas.

Liz and Roy's guide to bodacious daytrips from San Diego

Imperial Valley, Tijuana's cancer clinic, Crystal Cathedral, Hawaiian Gardens

“I’d like to help you, but I can’t. It’s against company policy to allow uninvited visitors on the grounds. People come here for privacy, you know ...” “I was thinking maybe you could invite us."

SDSU econ prof rides the least mountainous route to Minnesota

Spokes across America

“Once I rode 120 miles to Calexico from San Diego.” I didn’t elaborate about the Calexico ride. If I had, I would have admitted that it occurred fourteen years ago and had so exhausted me that I returned by bus the next day.

Three days along the San Dieguito River

From Volcan Mountain to the Del Mar racetrack

In the next three days, I learned that the San Dieguito River drainage is a kind of graveyard for dead automobiles. They litter the river’s canyons like dinosaur bones. That V-12 was simply the first.

San Diego's he-man Jerry Schad – the rougher it gets, the better he likes it

Life on the crest

I made my bed in the lee of a stout little juniper, but Schad, fond of wind and rain and discomfort,made his on the crest. Then we huddled together to cook noodles and tuna, with a Kahlúa chaser.

Forty Miles of Bad Road: In search of the authentic El Camino Real

From Mission San Diego to Mission San Luis Rey - on foot

The modern-day El Camino Real picks up about a half-mile to the west, climbs the bluff, and continues across Encinitas Boulevard to La Costa. But a more obvious route lay directly ahead, along Rancho Santa Fe Road.

Pacific Crest Trail from one end of San Diego County to the other

The big hike

Orville Cummings, owner of the 9000-acre San Felipe Ranch at the bottom of the Banner Grade east of Julian: “The backpackers would camp right at the windmill and keep the cattle away from the water.”

The Greyhound bus station at 1st and Broadway has so many stories

“To be in here you have to have a ticket or to be spending money"

On weekends, he said, when ships are in and the military has leaves, “lines for the L.A. bus — which leaves hourly — stretch out from the ticket counter onto the sidewalk on Broadway.

Sailing from Newport Beach to Mission Bay – the very long way

“Do you pray?” “Only in a pinch. I’m an atheist.” “Are you praying now?”

They hadn’t slept since Saturday night, and kept nodding off. The lights on shore assured them they were still near land, but they had no idea how close to San Diego they were. They kept on sailing.

Hike to the source of the San Diego River

Start at Inaja picnic ground, but there is no trail

I finally fall asleep in the early hours and awaken about seven a.m. feeling surprisingly fresh. I had a dream that I went around the next bend and found myself in downtown San Diego.