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San Diego Police debut low rider to strengthen community relations

"We want drug-dealing gangbangers to feel more at home in the back seat."

"Right now," said San Diego Po-Po Super-Chief William "Hands Down" Lansdowne at the cruiser's inaugural pump-n-bump, "there is a stigma associated with police cruisers. Hoodlums feel self-conscious about being taken downtown in such spec machines." ...

Don't call these kids at University City High vocational students

The days of standing in front of a class to teach are over

Career and technical training used to be called vocational or trade school. San Diego Unified School District has tried to put a new face on the program with much success.

Who Plays Who: Skyline Murder-Suicide Edition

In 21 Grams, Benicio del Toro played Jack Jordan, a tortured soul who killed another man and sought to commit suicide. Alfredo Pimienta allegedly killed his two daughters and committed suicide. On Sons of Anarchy, ...

More San Diego homicides in the first half of 2007

The sarcastic killer

A boy 3-1/2 months old was the youngest homicide victim in San Diego County during the first half of 2007. The oldest was a 75-year-old woman. Both were killed by family members, allegedly, the infant ...

Southeast San Diego: it's more than mean streets

Gateway Center East, Skyline, Emerald Hills, Chicano Park, Valencia Views, Catfish Club

He turns a corner near 38th and Acacia, where a new auto body shop has been squeezed between two homes. Nielsen shakes his head. "Only in Southeast. Where else would that be allowed to happen?"