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Buyout talk at 10 Barrel

“It’s been good. We’ve been able to grow."

‘Yeah, some folks in San Diego gave us a hard time, but I think they’re over that now,” says Chris. The grumbling? 10 Barrel Brewing, the new brew pub at 15th and E, had ridden ...

Warming up to cold noodles

Sashimi topped ramen may be the perfect summer dish

My ramen consumption has been down. Not because I'm over it, and definitely not for lack of availability — Yelp tells me I have roughly 300 ramen choices within a 15-minute drive. I've just been ...

The Beyond Burger lives up to its name

Beat the heat with faux-meat

Santa Monica-based fast casual vegetarian chain Veggie Grill rotates their menu with the seasons, highlighting crisper, more refreshing offerings over the summer months. San Diego claims two of their more-than-thirty nationwide locations. About three years ...

Feast — 2017 Restaurant Issue

San Diego unique bites from far across the county

It's a mess. A glorious mess. Azerbaijan on Adams Ave., the Buzz Burger with bacon jam, Surf Check in Shasta travel trailer, old-school Japanese in Chula Vista. — Ed Bedford Save room for the Mexican ...

Harpooned swordfish at India Street's Ironside

Expense account guy spikes his drinks

‘This is how you make a decent cocktail,” says Doug. He sneaks out a nubbly silver pocket flask, opens it, then slides his glass of whiskey sour under the counter and starts secretly pouring bourbon ...

A slice of Chicago

Lefty's, Regents, Chicago Bros., Berkeley, Chicago Pizza

You don’t “grab a slice,” you order it and then settle in. Check your phone. Read a novella. There is no getting around the time it takes until — as the Regents Pizzeria reheating instructions ...

Fusion is foremost

Al Reef, Koon Thai, Bully's East, Izakaya Masa, Grass Skirt, Prep Kitchen, La Bonne Table

Prep Kitchen is quintessentially Californian in that it exalts comfort food by making it seasonal, and in that fusion is foremost. On this menu, you’ll find fish tacos (tomatillo salsa, cabbage, cilantro, avocado crema: $14.95) ...

Why slow and low cooking is worth the wait

Paris Bakery Coop's BBQ, Tamales Ancira, Campfire, Wrench and Rodent, Village North, Buona Forchetta, Aladdin's

You won’t find a better sandwich for $3.75 than you will among the bánh mì of this low-key Vietnamese deli counter. Bánh mì literally translates as “bread,” and Paris Bakery does well to live up ...

Save room for the Mexican chocolate bread pudding

Gulp and chomp at Red O, the Hake, Crack Shack, Fernandez, Azucar, Pho Hoa

An unabashed fan of Rick Bayless, I was thrilled when Red O finally opened in May. You could make a statement by ordering the tablita for two, a grilled 32 oz. prime tomahawk chop, one-pound ...

Sweet, spicy, satisfying

Ranchwood BBQ, Whet Noodle, Red Card Cafe, Cannonball, Hundred Proof, Arriba Room, Sheldon's Service Station

BBQ aficionados can be particular, but this hole-in-the-wall in La Mesa should satisfy lovers of brisket and tri-tip. The meat is smoked for hours until tender in a tangy rub. Customers then can add the ...

It's a mess, a glorious mess

Azerbaijan on Adams Ave., the Buzz Burger with bacon jam, Surf Check in Shasta travel trailer, old-school Japanese in Chula Vista

Azerbaijan meets California. The cutest patio this side of the Black Sea, with birds singing as you eat, long communal tables, medieval drapes, lovers’ nooks, and a happy hour bursting with totally interesting tapas, $5 ...

Cajun/Creole in East Village

From time to time, alligator sausage makes an appearance

Between Emeril’s “Bam!” and the House of Blues chain Disneyfying the concept of a bayou restaurant, I’ve subconsciously come to expect all Cajun eateries in California to be in some way larger than life. Bud ...

Arguably the classiest joint in Tijuana

No, the Caesar salad wasn’t named after Julius

The year is 1924. Bootleggers and feds are playing cat-and-mouse and legends such as Louis Armstrong are playing jazz. Italian restaurateur Caesar Cardini, who had settled briefly in San Diego five years earlier, evades the ...

A snowball’s chance in Escondido

Baltimore-style shaved ice, best served with marshmallow sauce

If you’re interested in trying the sweetest, coldest treat you can get your hands on this summer, turn your attention to Escondido and a small shack called Baltimore Snowball. As its name suggests, the snowball ...

Surprised by ceviche in City Heights

Raw fish showing up everywhere

All I wanted was a poke place. Because poke places are popping up like mushrooms. They’re the thing. I mean, raw fish makes it into the cool crowd’s diet? This I gotta see. That’s what ...

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