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El Bolsón and the Andes refugio system

More reasons to add Argentine Patagonia to your travel bucket list.

My third trip to Patagonia was tremendous, great weather for all but one day and my best survey of the acclaimed mountain hostels that now number 15 in all. Once sleepy <a hreEl Bolson, fabled ...

North County Women's March "was not anti-Trump"

“I think the city of Oceanside misread this”

Was the North County San Diego Women’s March Rally a progressive woke-fest where strident speakers and organized flash mobs railed against guns, sexual abuse and inequality? Where lefties get to wear rainbow flag capes and ...

Safe or not, crossing tracks in Del Mar isn't trespassing

170 incidents in 2018-2019

Del Mar officials want the trains off the bluffs. Transit officials want the people off the tracks. Neither side is succeeding, and with the number of trains increasing from 50 to 79 this year, the ...