Dana and Jayson. After three years Alt 94/9 says goodbye.
  • Dana and Jayson. After three years Alt 94/9 says goodbye.
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Mark Larson not fired

This office represents Mark Larson and Mark Larson Media Services, Inc. On January 28, 2020, you ran a story in the Online Edition of the San Diego Reader in which Mr. Larson’s name appeared under a headline: Look at the San Diego Casualty List. The story then talked about a “massive firing spree” that had “just rocked the local radio careers of several individuals,” including Mr. Larson. After suggesting that Mr. Larson was an employee of KFMB, you stated that only “5 KFMB employees including four sales staffers and a commercial producer” would be retained by new owner LMSD.

You then stated:

“AM 760 talk show hosts Brett Winterble, Mike Slater and Mark Larson were told their current talk show hosting arrangements would be ending in two weeks.”

Mr. Larson, and his company, Mark Larson Media Services, Inc., are not employees of KFMB. Neither were terminated by KFMB as you falsely reported. Mr. Larson’s company has a program agreement that has not been terminated. Mr. Larson’s contract is being transferred to the new owner.

This will constitute a request for a retraction and correction under California Civil Code, Section 48(a). Civil Code Section 48a (b) provides that if a correction is demanded within 20 days and is not published or broadcast in substantially as conspicuous a manner in the same daily or weekly news publication, . as were the statements claimed to be libelous, in a regular issue thereof published or broadcast within three weeks after service, plaintiff, if he or she pleads and proves notice, demand and failure to correct, and if his or her cause of action is maintained, may recover general, special, and exemplary damages.

Your story appeared with an eye-catching headline, and a subheading that included Mark Larson’s name.

It was widely disseminated and discussed throughout the San Diego community. Because Mr. Larson’s company is a content provider to the station, he has advertising clients that would have to move their advertising elsewhere, to the extent, as you contended, he was on a “casualty list.” You can imagine the disruption and damage the false statements in your article have had on Mr. Larson.

Please advise that you will make a correction and that it will be as conspicuous and prominent as your original statements. We are happy to work with you to assist in getting this right the first time.

Thank you.

  • Robert P. Ottilie
  • Attorney at Law

Editor: Ken Leighton never said Mark Larson was a KFMB employee. As Mr. Ottilie says in the letter, the hosting arrangement with the present owners is ending, as the contract is moving to new owners.

AJ Machado. Even being top rated won't save your radio gig.

AJ Machado. Even being top rated won't save your radio gig.

Continuum of prison

This piece mentioned the Geo Group which is one of our nations largest private prisons (“Convention center group refunds GEO money,” News Ticker, October 29, 2019).

Apparently the GEO group has been very generous with our mayor and other people in our government and they are backing Measure C to raise hotel taxes some of which of the money supposedly would go to help the homeless but there seems to be a relationship here with the Geo Group and this homeless effort. That is the Geo Group has expanded its business model to include a program called the continuum of care which implies that this private prison contractor would like to help with San Diego city’s homeless problems. A quick Google search will show the Geo group has been cited numerous times for horrible human rights abuses. So why would our mayor and other city officials coordinate with such an organization that has been known to even upset their investors with their horrid neglecting of prisoners and inmates and so on. Whatever the case is, having the Geo Group help with the homeless may actually work, because if San Diego’s city homeless had any idea that being housed or monitored or cared for by one of of nation’s largest and most notorious ugly human rights abusing private prison contractors might be coming down the pike, well they might just pack up and leave town.

  • Vivian Dunbar
  • San Ysidro

GEO has an incentive to get and keep as many people as possible in its net.

GEO has an incentive to get and keep as many people as possible in its net.

From GEO website

Slipped pictures

Really guys??? Of all the pictures of Coe Lewis on the internet you chose that hideous photo? (“Look at the San Diego radio casualty list”, News Ticker, January 28) I don’t even think that is her. Coe is a beautiful woman with a beautiful speaking voice. I enjoyed listening to her on KGB for many years with her very positive on-air personality. It’s bad enough she loses her job, then you people print that horrible photo. you have done her a great disservice. And while I’m at it, dump that stupid hipster column. Nobody cares about these tards’ opinions, especially a real man in his fifties. The Reader used to be a great weekly, but has been slipping over the last few years.

  • David C.
  • Spring Valley

After 35 years Coe Lewis leaves radio for African wildlife.

After 35 years Coe Lewis leaves radio for African wildlife.

Heartless about homeless

Sorry ignorant Alex, but your heartless comments & 4 groups of homeless don’t apply to me, a homeless person (“Kevin Faulconer’s homeless California roadshow, News Ticker, January 30”). As I’m sure you have never been so. I don’t choose to be, don’t want to be. I don’t drink, smoke, or do any damn drugs. I’ve been disabled all my life. Can no longer afford the ridiculous rents in Greed Diego. Got an illegal ticket from police. I’ve been robbed 15+ times. Threatened with assault about 7 times, by drunks (Drunk Diego!), some by workers at business’s. 2 gun threats. Had to buy mace. But yes, I’ve become a bit mentally ill. As PTSD is an inevitable “side-effect” that happens to all of us. Maybe going homeless for a month or so in winter should be a required course in college. Then see how you deal with it. Stereotyping anyone is B.S.

Police don’t even get back to me on my latest robberies, as i feel as if I have no human rights. Less than a farm animal. But actually most of them have been nice. Our useless governor’s idea to give us FEMA trailers is insane. As remember Katrina? Over half of the people who lived in those had to be hospitalized for breathing problems. As they weeree loaded with formaldehyde, an extreme toxin. No way for me. My supposed disability rights are not respected. Yes, the severe mentally ill should be put away, but some psycho drugs make things worse, more toxic trash. And especially the tweaker zombie vermin. They need to hear Canned Heat’s 60’s anti-drug song: “Amphetamine Annie.” And Steppenwolf’s “Goddamn the Pusher Man.”

I have severe allergies, have to eat pure food, probably not allowed to make my own in a shelter. And severe sensitivity to all chemicals, bleach, carpets (full of formaldehyde). Many other things. Been to hospital too many times for it. So shelters would set me off, don’t feel like dying from hospital extreme germs either. Cruel people as you should be shunned & run out of town. Along with most of our local corrupt self-serving government. Our mayor has the perfect name. He’s a bird of prey that needs to fly away. Go join him in a FEMA trailer. Good luck on Judgement Day, as you sound like another hypocrite fake Christian. Woe be unto thee!

  • Bob
  • Hillcrest

Faulconer: San Diego "has been the only major city in California to significantly reduce homelessness."

Faulconer: San Diego "has been the only major city in California to significantly reduce homelessness."

Cheap chump change shot

Your article about Sara Jacobs’ campaign was sort of a cheap shot, implying that her wealthy grandfather is funding her television buys and by extension, her campaign (“Grandpa’s TV chump change,” Under the Radar, January 29). If you know the source of her funding, you should say so. If not, your not-so-subtle hints that she’s propped up by Grandpa’s money are just unfair and sloppy journalism. I’m in her district, but like many San Diegans, I’m just beginning to pay attention to this race – and I’ve got no thoughts yet about who I might support.This kind of article, with no supporting evidence, is a dangerous example of how a single piece of writing full of implications can sway readers one way or another. I think you owe her an apology.

  • Jeff
  • North Park

More on campaign self-funding by Jacobs in this week’s News Under the Radar - Matt Potter

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