Rebecca Jade & the Cold Fact rehearsed for six months before recording their album Out of Time.
  • Rebecca Jade & the Cold Fact rehearsed for six months before recording their album Out of Time.
  • Photograph by Mikey Adam Cohen
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Vocalist Rebecca Jade has had a busy year. Between local gigs all over the county and out-of-town touring as a backup singer for pop-star Sheila E., she still managed to record a follow-up album, Running Out Of Time, with Rebecca Jade & the Cold Fact.

I wanted to know what she’s learned about touring at the pop-star level from two years on the road. “I finally figured out how to fly and be able to catch up on my sleep on the plane, which is very helpful,” Jade recalls with a giggle. “I’m learning that rest is super important, especially with lots of really early lobby calls after late concerts. I might only get a few hours of sleep in the hotel before needing to leave for the airport in the morning. Now I’ve collected special pillows to use, and I bring a blanket because the planes are always so cold. I always try to get a window seat — you’d be surprised how little things like that can allow you to catch up while you’re in the air.”

When home, Jade has been finishing the new Cold Fact album. “We’re excited because we’ve been together for five years now, and we’ve evolved considerably as a band since the last one. We know each other a lot better and there is a different, deeper camaraderie happening,”

The core band in the Cold Fact is Alfred Howard (percussion and lyrics), Jake Najor (drums), Jason Littlefield (bass), Daniel Schraer (keys), and Ian Owen (guitar).

“We rehearsed for six months before we went in to the studio, so we were able to knock out the band parts in two days. Then I went in to the Redwoods home studio to lay down the vocal tracks. I’m a stickler for getting my parts just right, and I needed a few takes to make that happen.”

How did the Cold Fact begin?

“I’ve been working with Alfred since my first solo album because he’s an excellent lyricist. Later on, he approached me to do a soul record, and I jumped at the chance. He’s got great ideas, and everyone is able to contribute so we’re creating something that’s very organic. He’s a phenomenal writer, he just has a beautiful way of painting with words.”

Past Event

Rebecca Jade & the Cold Fact

While they await physical copies of the new album, plans for a release party are on hold, but you can catch Rebecca Jade & the Cold Fact on September 6 at the California Center for the Arts.

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