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The hazards of Balboa Park's golf course

The chain link fence along the ninth hole now is at least 18 feet high

Some North and South Park dwellers have recently come forward regarding their vehicles being struck by golf balls from the Balboa Park Municipal Golf Course; and not hearing the “fore” warnings. “The golf ball bounced ...

Late night rhymes at Tony Pepperoni

Sesame seeds and pizza crust are all you need to know

It was going on 10 pm, and I found myself hungry in the thick of North County suburbia. Which is to say, my expectations were not high. A precursory iPhone scan for still open nearby ...

Mayor Kevin Faulconer's city staff flies high on campaign cash

Lavishes left-over money on political dreams

Lame-duck San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer, his dreams of higher office in 2018 shattered by the flight of the Chargers and the city's tardy response to a homeless Hepatitis B breakout, sought to salvage a ...

Carmel Valley – the anxiety of a new suburb

Accidental pond, 56 interchange, Seabreeze Farms, Pacific Highlands Ranch, vernal pools, One Paseo, ice pant destruction, the advent of Pardee

Carmel Valley accidental pond to be drained More than 17 years ago, land owner Robert Barczewski had a grading crew push a pile of dirt into a dip in a dirt road on his private ...