911 call of a male washed off rocks at Osprey Point.
  • 911 call of a male washed off rocks at Osprey Point.
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Dec 30

07:58 Medical: San Diego Fire Department requests response for a body in Mission Bay washing up on the south side of El Carmel. 24 Sam, 4 Sam, 4 L, M 21, E 21, and San Diego Police respond. Body is on the sand, Police request Medical Examiner.

13:17 Swimmer: 911 call of swimmer in distress at Torrey Pines State Beach. 31 Sam, U 35, Jet 3, and State Lifeguards respond. Reporting party reports swimmer made it to beach safely. 31 Sam calls clear.

13:34 Medical: 911 call for slip and fall at the bottom of Box Canyon. 31 Sam, U 35, and UT 35 respond. Minor medical aid, treat and release.

18:04 Boating: 911 call of 28 foot Bayliner in the surf at the tip of Point Loma, 8 persons on board. 24 Sam, R7, 4L, and San Diego Harbor Police respond. Harbor Police get vessel under tow and clear of surf. Vessel Assist takes tow.

Dec 29

09:50 Medical: Stingray patient at Tourmaline Parking Lot (north). U 25 and M 36 respond. U 25 transports to Pacific Beach tower for treatment by Lifeguards.

15:23 Medical: Stingray patient on the sand below the Glider Port. U 35 responds and treats patient.

17:24 Other/Boating: Two red flares spotted from a vessel 1 nautical mile offshore of Marine Street. 3K, US Coast Guard helicopter and small boat respond. All clear called by US Coast Guard when contact made with vessel in the area checked on the flare sighting and the other vessel (in question) left the area.

18:00 Other: Flare sighting 4 nautical miles off Lido Court. 4Sam and 24 Sam respond and meet with the reporting party at Lido Court. US Coast Guard investigating but no other signs found of any distress. Lifeguards clear.

Dec 28

14:28 Boating: Caller reporting a vessel on the beach at the northwest end of Fiesta Island. R 3 responds, no injuries owner to contact Vessel Assist.

15:57 Medical: 911 call for a cardiac arrest at Grand Avenue at Mission Boulevard. E 21, M 35 and 21-Sam respond. Medics administer aid and handle the call.

17:15 Medical: Mission Beach Lifeguards request medics for a male, alcohol altered and unable to walk. M 9 transports to Scripps La Jolla.

Dec 27

11:59 Swimmer: 911 call of a male washed off rocks at Osprey Point. 1 Sam, Jet 1, Rescue 5, Rescue 44, 2 Lincoln, 2 Sam, Engine 15, Medic1, and San Diego police respond. Victim is extricated via Rescue 44 evolution. Medic 1 advises and releases patient.

17:33 Medical: VHF call of a 67 year-old male possibly experiencing a heart attack at Driscoll’s Marina. Rescue 5, 24 Sam, Truck 20, and Medic 20 respond. Patient is postictal. Medic 20 transports patient to UCSD hospital.

Dec 26

12:45 Swimmer: VHF 16 report of a 30-something male swept off the North Channel Jetty. R 4, R 7, Jet 2, M 9, and E 20 respond. R 4 makes the initial rescue and transports victim to reception dock where M9 transports to UCSD.

12:48 Swimmer: 911 call of surfer in distress at foot of Monaco. 1 Sam and Jet 1 respond. While en-route surfer climbs out on own power.

14:09 Swimmer: 911 call of 30 year-old female swept off rocks at Clam. 3 Sam, Cove X, Jet 3, M 35 and E 9 respond. Jet 3 makes rescue and transports victim to the Cove. Victim suffering leg and shoulder pain. M 35 transports patient to Scripps La Jolla.

Dec 25

14:45 Medical: 911 call of slip and fall on rocks at Del Monte Avenue. 1 Sam, 1 L, E 15, and M 24 respond. M 24 transports patient to UCSD.

16:00 Boating: Metro requests a Fire Boat to respond to a vehicle fire on North Fiesta Island. M 1 and E 25 respond. E 25 extinguishes fire.

16:27 Swimmer: 911 call of swimmer in distress off Ocean Beach Pier. 1 Sam responds. Swimmer clears rip at Tower 2, 1 Sam reports clear.

Dec 24

13:19 Medical: Medical distress call report of 10 year-old male traumatic injuries at 9894 La Jolla Farms Rd.

U35, M 41 and E 35 respond. Lifeguards unable to locate. Patient is advised and released by E 35.

15:42 Medical: Utility 2 reports 17 year-old female with traumatic injuries at 700 Ventura Place from fall from skateboard. E 21 and M 21 respond. Patient advised and released by M 21.

16:04 Enforcement: Medical distress call, report of 12 year-old male hit in the head by rock at Shell Beach. Parents request Medics and San Diego Police. U 32, U 3, M 5, and Police respond. Police take the report. Parents refuse medics and privately transport to Balboa.

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