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“I met my girlfriend at Brute Force Games in North Park”

San Diego dating after the clubbing phase

I have a lot of single friends. Most are past the clubbing phase of life. Some are divorced; some were never seriously attached. Most are still interested in companionship, but few want to try dating ...

Guys and Dolls from a grifter’s perspective

We’re all motivated by self-interest, right?

To most, Guys and Dolls is a light-hearted, toe-tapping musical about streetwise gamblers who find redemption through the power of love. But consider how it looks from a grifter’s perspective. These guys and dolls cover ...

An in-house culture war that’s also funny

“You want this little white boy from Minnetonka to bring us some cows?”

Danai Gurira plays Michonne, the warrior in The Walking Dead. She co-starred in Black Panther, has won high-buck awards for writing and acting, and has founded or co-founded organizations for supporting women and African dramatic ...

Love Tour at Museum of Art, Somebody to Love with Brian Justin Crum, Tiny Beautiful Things, DIY fermentation and yoga, Mushrooms at the Annual Fungus Fair

Events February 14-February 20, 2019

Thursday | 14 Love Tour at Museum of Art San Diego Museum of Art’s after-hours, love-themed art tour is led by a docent, and showcases romantic and love-filled works from collections spanning both centuries and ...

Wrong emphasis on Trump, don't give away crossword answer

Time for Army in Mission Valley?

Heads up Trump During the afternoon of Saturday, Jan 2, I received an email request from for information regarding the gathering of Venezuelans in Waterfront Park, for the purpose of manifesting our gratefulness to the ...

Such San Diego love stories

Oceanside, Santee, North Park

Gino lost and found My wife and I are sitting with Carol and Gino at Masters in Oceanside. “Upscale bar and grill,” I’d term it, with an extensive list of, as they used to say ...

Investigations KPBS will not launch

Scott Peters, eternally fund-raising

SDSU’s money-raising newsies As the editorial clout of the Union-Tribune continues to fade under the reign of Los Angeles-based owner Patrick Soon-Shiong, other San Diego media outlets are jostling for a greater role in the ...

Original innovation or moustache imitation?

Interesting contradictions, and not just for hipsters

Dear Hipster: Sometimes I get confused about whether it’s more hipster to be an innovator or a clever imitator. On the one hand, it seems to me as if the most hipster thing you can ...

The Painted Gorge: from under the sea to desert region

Ancient seas and minor impurities in granitic and volcanic rocks give rise to the vivid colors

The Painted Gorge near Ocotillo and Plaster City offers the opportunity to explore the brightly colored mud hills of an ancient marine layer and volcanic flows. This particular excursion is of variable length and difficulty, ...