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Fireman's outfit, pristine cello, 1 million sports cards

San Diego Reader Classified ads, December 4, 2019

Call in your FREE classified ad (619) 450-4293 voice mail. Or text it to us (619) 272-2772. Or visit and fill in classified ad form. (Businesses can use this too for $5 classified ads) ...

Stew, salad and Soup Du Jour

Every day soup restaurant brings an impressive variety to Serra Mesa

Rain. Wind. Cold. Our long summer has finally given way to what passes for winter (for the time being), which has proven the perfect time to visit a new restaurant built around a fondness for ...

Gary Snyder: Pulitzer Prize winning Beat poet

Simple diction and common speech-patterns are his foundation

December at Yase You said, that October, In the tall dry grass by the orchard When you chose to be free, “Again someday, maybe ten years.” After college I saw you One time. You were ...

A drunken bacchanal from Vincente Minnelli, Stanley Donen, and Rock Hudson

More alcohol consumed than at a fraternity hazing

Once upon a time, movie alcoholics had a name, and that name was “funny drunks.” This week’s politically incorrect offerings put a spigot on two booze-enhanced works of art before uncorking one mean drunk of ...

Steve Albert REBOOTs at Poway’s All Faith Center

How you get from point A to point B in a healthy manner without spending a lot of time complaining

The All Faith Center Contact: 17762 St. Andrews Dr., Poway 858-487-8885 Membership: 18 faith teams (composed of “thousands” of members from area congregations) Pastor: Steve Albert (co-pastor with wife Abigail Albert) Age: 72 Born: ...