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Oceanside cop overtime puts city on the line

Not as bad as Harpoon Melba era

Did NBC-7’s report about overtime paid by the city of Oceanside cause heads to roll? On July 3, Alex Presha reported that the Oceanside paid out $3.86 million in police overtime. Some officers made more ...

The Melt wins over this grilled cheese troll

Fast casual chain makes macaroni sandwich and hobo toast look easy

Big deal, it’s easy to make a grilled cheese sandwich. That’s what the troll on my shoulder reminds me whenever I encounter a grilled cheese restaurant. His words are more nefarious because they’re true. I’m ...

Could Burning Man come to In-Ko-Pah?

Desert View Tower on market for $2.25 million

Roadside attraction Desert View Tower at In-Ko-Pah is on the market. Rising over the steep, rocky Jacumba landscape, the 70-foot tower has been a beacon to travelers since 1928. Ben Schultz now owns and operates ...

North Park storefronts take on Faulconer and Ward

But boycott threat by pro-bike lane customers gets the posters down

It’s tough to believe at this point, but North and South Park made it through about four months of 2019 before terms such as floating parking, sharrows, bollards, and NIMBY entered their daily lexicon. The ...

Where Toni Atkins meets turf lobbyists

Horse racing cash greases Democrat’s political track

As horses have dropped dead at California tracks, some state politicos have been professing public concern regarding racing's public relations nightmare, including state Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins. Atkins showed up at Del Mar ...