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Look better than 95 percent of other men with t-shirts and Chinos

Pick solid, neutral colors

Unless you’re a wayward fur trapper, you will be wearing t-shirts for the rest of the summer. There are a few ways to make them look great. The t-shirt is the most casual article of ...

“Wino” wear: Cork and grape pattern shoe paneling courtesy of DC Manteca

“I think I like things that have a neat, artistic look — something unique.”

It’s turned out to be a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in San Diego. I’m strolling along Harbor Island, taking in the views with a friend. We’re stopped on the sidewalk just out front of the Sheraton ...

Recall Coronado’s historic allure owned by Bayfront Candela’s restauranteur Tomas Braniff

Over 100 year-old-home was “meticulously restored” in 2017

The Spanish white stucco house at 475 A Avenue in the “Crown City” of Coronado may have originally been constructed more than 100 years ago in 1914, but marketing materials promise it was “meticulously restored” ...

Grounded in Charles White

“Because he looked like my uncles and my neighbors, his achievements seemed within my reach.”

The African-American artist Kerry James Marshall, whose retrospective in Los Angeles I reviewed here in 2017, says that his mission and aspiration is to create “a grand, epic narrative with black figures in it.” The ...

Arslan’s Gyros, World Surprise Plate, and libations to liberate your ideas

The mural Arslan had painted links the Christian and Moslem communities

‘Let’s have a symposium!” says Annie. Symposium? Takes me a moment. Then, okay, yeah. Just passing an eatery with huge letters on its sidewalk canopy: “GYROS.” And I remember. Symposium’s the ancient Greek word for ...

Taylor Schilling’s dark Juggalo portrayal in Laura Steinel’s freaky Family

“A fun county fair where you could also potentially be stabbed.”

What’s more shocking than a senior level VP at a New Jersey hedge fund finding herself smack dab in the middle of a weeklong celebration of the distinctively raunchy hip hop duo Insane Clown Posse? ...

A perennially popular cover of the Game of Thrones theme on violin

Jamie Shadowlight, Adams Avenue Unplugged, Gregory Page, Desert Suns, Orchid Mantis

The spring Acoustic Evenings at the Athenaeum series opens with a concert featuring Jamie Shadowlight, the Jefferson Jay Band, and Mikerotones. Based in Pacific Beach, violinist Shadowlight plays jazz and Latin-flavored music, usually infused with ...

Students of the Francis Parker Jazz Workshop study with working professionals

Nathan Collins went through the program... and is already touring with John Fogerty

“It’s an opportunity for students from all over the county to study with some of the top jazz players in San Diego for a whole week to really refine their craft,” says program director Nate ...

How San Diego’s Love Angeles came to be

“The song was about him picking up his long distance girlfriend from LAX to move in with him”

David Wilson can explain how his San Diego band, Love Angeles — opening for O-Town on April 25 at the Music Box — came to be. But you’ll need a scorecard. “My friend and I ...

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