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Aaron Steckler

Men's summer swimsuit issue

"I feel really good in a swimsuit. I could look better. I used to look a little better, more in shape. But then, you know, kids, job, the passage of time. My impression when I look at other folks in swimsuits is that I need to work out more. Most of the folks out here look good, but some of them shouldn't be in a swimsuit to begin with."

By Geoff Bouvier, July 1, 2004 Read full article

It was rubbing me the wrong way for her to lump me in with others of my gender.

Women think that men are hairy women

"For men and women to learn about each other, they should just read each other's magazines. Men should read Elle and Cosmo, and women should read Playboy and Maxim. Because it doesn't matter what's true or false. It matters what's being said. It's all about the spin."

By Geoff Bouvier, July 27, 2006 Read full article

There are “regular people,” who apparently just cannot pass up a bargain. There are the homeless. And there were the philosophical freegans.

Dumpster diving for dinner

I promised I wouldn’t name the outlets we were to visit that night, but I will tell you that both places are major staples of La Jolla. We traveled in the clunky camper van from the quaint streets of North Park, up the 5, past the bright spiky towers of the Mormon temple. Then we wiggled our way through surface streets until the consensus was that we were lost.

By Ollie, June 25, 2008 Read full article

What's so funny?

“That whole number was kind of my idea of what would happen if Julie Andrews had taken the wrong side of the tracks. Obviously, it’s a salute to The Sound of Music. But the movie was set during the war,” and part of the joke here is that “somebody’s taking a shot at her because they’re sick of her singing. It’s obvious but it’s funny."

By Matt Lickona, July 8, 2009 Read full article

Cover illustration by Sara Rosen

I got Stoopid

Later that night, tweezing bloody ticks from around the thing’s neck in the clinical glow of my halogen desk lamp, I see it: a word has been tattooed inside the rabbit’s left ear. “Stoopid.” Now we’re getting somewhere. A poor choice for a name, yes, but I am thinking that whoever commissioned the offensive tat likely misses their pet.

By Dave Good, March 20, 2013 Read full article

So much for free range

Happy Trumpsgiving

Hunter P. Thompson: "Sure, everybody here agrees that Trump is a fascist hatemonger with no sense of respect or decency. That just means he’s just like the rest of us. Those protesters who tried to physically shut down Trump rallies, who threw rocks and punches and set fires, who vandalized Republican campaign offices? That may be only junior-grade fascism"

By Walter Mencken, Nov. 23, 2016 Read full article

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