I spied on George through a bedroom curtain as he got in and started his car. KA- BOOM!
  • I spied on George through a bedroom curtain as he got in and started his car. KA- BOOM!
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Bad News believed for a split second he had fallen asleep at the wheel.


We both worked for a now-defunct trucking company that was based in San Diego. He was definitely a strange bird. He talked in CB lingo when he was talking to people in person and introduced himself by his handle as if he were Clint Eastwood introducing himself to a fan.

By various authors, Nov. 24, 1994 Read full story

Billy Brenden

Men's Summer Swimsuit Issue

Nowadays, whenever I occasion to strip down to my swimwear, my own interior monologue pesters me, "Are you standing up straight? Is your stomach tucked in? Are there zits on your back? Is your bulge rearranged for maximum show?"

By Geoff Bouvier, July 1, 2004 Read full article

"When you're 70, she'll be 90."

Age gap

"What, you can't find someone your own age? When you're 70 she'll be 90!" they'll proclaim. But some vigorous 50-year-olds with youthful outlooks feel that people their own age have become too settled in their ways. Many young people find that the romantic prospects among their peers are painfully immature.

By Doug DuBrul, March 3, 2005 Read full article

What's so funny?

My oldest son is 11, but he’s been working on jokes since forever. I think he was 9 when he proposed a cartoon showing Santa Claus on the psychiatrist’s couch, with the shrink declaring, “Your problem is that you just don’t believe in yourself.” It’s one of my prouder moments as a father.

By Matthew Lickona, July 8, 2009 Read full article

"Men should read Elle and Cosmo, and women should read Playboy and Maxim."

Women think that men are hairy women

By now I'm sure you've begun to wonder what my own gender is, or perhaps you've already checked for a clue from my name, dearest reader. But does it matter? I am, in fact, a man, and if you wish to profile me further, then I'll also tell you that I'm 37 years old, divorced, white, and, well, what else do you need to know?

By Geoff Bouvier, July 27, 2006 Read full article

There are “regular people,” who apparently just cannot pass up a bargain. There are the homeless. And there were the philosophical freegans.

Dumpster diving for dinner

I want to be nice to the guys because, as I was to find out shortly, they are all quite affable. But, if you imagine what four twentysomething males who dig in the trash for food look like, you’ve got them. They look exactly the way you think they do. Also, imagine what those trash-digging young men would smell like.

By Ollie, June 25, 2008 Read full article

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dwbat Nov. 17, 2018 @ 8:14 p.m.

The dumpster diver pic could have been taken yesterday in my alley. It's a regular happening.


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