Joe Green (center) and supporters.  "I did say I was so mad 'I wanted to hit you in the face' and I sincerely apologize."
  • Joe Green (center) and supporters. "I did say I was so mad 'I wanted to hit you in the face' and I sincerely apologize."
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Harmony Grove Village South. Developer does not want to add two more access roads.

Harmony Grove Village South. Developer does not want to add two more access roads.

Builders’ fire sale

Its all about money and property taxes!( “San Diego builds itself into danger”, Neighborhood News, August 24) To continue to build after half of the state of California has burned, do we not learn? With big city ideas, maybe we need to reconsider the council members we vote in as well as the mayor. Go to Los Angeles or elsewhere if you want to build us into that type of city. We are a small city and bulging at the seams. A quarter million homes in danger and supposed fire proof? I don’t think so and wouldn’t stay in such a home if a fire was on me. Stop the building. We cannot keep up with the roadways and exits from these communities. The traffic alone in San Diego tells you our decision- makers are greedy only to make more money instead of quality of life that those who have lived here most our lives were enjoying. Building everywhere, detours, cranes, impassable freeways and mounds of debris all over the city. STOP! Let us enjoy our city! Shame on our county board of supervisors....are their hands clean?

  • Katherine Whitley
  • Fashion Valley

Almis Udrys

Almis Udrys

From Ted Talk on YouTube

Scooter avoidance issues

The motorized ride share scooter mania in San Diego (“San Diego’s no-helmet scooter documents under wraps”, News Ticker, July 20) is escalating faster than, well, a scooter heading towards a crowd of unaware pedestrians. You will forgive my generalization if you are the exception, but the majority of these people ride unimpeded by the rule of law, let alone any sense of morality or decency towards their fellow man.

Neighborhoods which were once safe and walkable are anything but, especially for the elderly, the disabled, small children or pets. Many of them represent an entirely new breed of hit-and-run thug, and their behavior is not unlike that of the online bully whose courage relies on their anonymity, or in the case of scooters, on their ability to make a quick exit. The fact is the vast majority of these scooters are commandeered by tourists to our city, not local commuters bent on saving the environment, as some members of city council would have you believe. And as such, despite the smoke and mirrors, there is very little local law enforcement can do to enforce their regulation.

Even if our city could collect on the tickets issued on any given day, it would do little to change the behavior of the next batch of tourists who take them for a spin the following weekend. Then there’s the obvious head scratcher: why should San Diegans foot the bill for overseeing the ridership of a for-profit entity in the first place? Shouldn’t THEY be dancing as fast as they can to earn the right to do business in our beautiful city?

Unfortunately, despite the fact that city officials in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Long Beach have ALL decided to stop the insanity by instituting pilot programs that work for their cities and protect their citizenry, our “leadership,” continues to turn a blind eye to the mounting evidence that folks are getting hurt, seriously hurt. They refuse to respond to lamentations by folks who say they are afraid to walk on the sidewalk near their own home, let alone the Martin Luther King Promenade or the Embarcadero.

For those of you who ARE frightened, who ARE angry, who ARE missing the safe walkability you used to enjoy in your neighborhood without fear of being mowed down, there is now a way to voice your concern. The recently organized Marina Neighborhood Alliance has drafted a petition to appeal to our city officials to be as responsible to us as other cities have been to their residents. Please search “San Diego Scooter Chaos” on Change.Org and sign the petition. Please forward it to your friends, family and coworkers in San Diego. The scooters, themselves, aren’t to blame, our city officials are! Let’s make vendors (scooters or otherwise) who want to do business in San Diego prove their worthiness by respecting our way of life and abiding by our rules. And let’s make certain the City Council hears our voice!

  • Jill Pfeiffer
  • Marina

As good as their signatures

I would like to comment on a Neighborhood News item that appeared in the August 30 edition of the Reader (“Sanctuary city and pot become Vista fault lines”, Neighborhood News, August 23) and it was talking about signature-gatherers working on a marijuana petition in the Vista area, and Councilwoman Amanda Rigby made a statement that she didn’t understand why outside forces descended upon her town. All these outsiders came to stir up angst and you know promoting values that had nothing to do with pot shops. You know, what readers need to know is most of the people you that you see working on recalls referendums and petitions here in San Diego County are from San Diego County and they’re turning these documents into three main San Diego offices which have been serving the community for over 30 years. It always seems that when there’s opposition to any issue, which there always is, they quickly say, “Oh they’re out -of-town operatives stirring up trouble and they’re misrepresenting the issue,” and what every shopper and voter needs to know that all of these petitions, referendums, and recalls have a summary at the top. Easy to read. It only takes a minute and we encourage people to do so. So, if they do not think the message is clear, they merely only have to read the top of the issue. This is one of the few opportunities the public has the chance to have their voice heard in local city and state government.

  • Viviane M. Dunbar
  • San Ysidro

Duncan D. Hunter speaks to gas tax

Duncan D. Hunter speaks to gas tax

Hunting Duncan Hunter

I am a 20-year resident of Julian, California, which is part of US Congressional District 50. Duncan Hunter Jr. (“Hunter, Chavez mailers scrutinized”, News Ticker, August 24) and his father Duncan Hunter Sr. have not represented me the entire time and, to make matters worse, Junior has just been indicted by federal prosecutors for misusing campaign funds. His behavior is immoral, unethical and an embarrassment. It’s time for a new voice in Congress for our 50th. It’s time to elect Ammar Campa-Najjar on November 6. My husband and I are close to retirement and are very concerned with what our children and grandchildren will have to face as a result of the chaos, division and destruction our so-called leaders — Trump and his cronies — are foisting on us. Duncan Hunter was one of the first two Representatives to endorse Trump and has been one of his strongest supporters. A vote for Duncan Hunter is a vote for Trump.

  • Susan Stevenson
  • Julian
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