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I Know What City I Live In

There’s a News Ticker article written by Dave Rice regarding the treatment that protesters got from Duncan Hunter’s office, especially from deputy chief of staff Mike Harrison.

Many years ago, Mike Harrison could absolutely not figure out the difference between El Cajon and Santee. I had contacted and met with him in person several times over a federal legal issue. Mike Harrison basically told me it was my mistake because I didn’t get my city right. I have owned my home for almost 30 years, so I certainly know what city I live in. Mike Harrison was rude to me and I have never gone back to Duncan Hunter’s office because of Michael Harrison’s treatment.

  • Katherine Jackson
  • Santee

What Do We Want?

Re: City Lights: “Could Major League Soccer Kick the City Where It Counts?

Let’s face facts. Everything in Mission Valley is about condos, hotels, and office buildings, with a new stadium merely an afterthought.

So, the first decision is what do we want? Are we willing to live with extra traffic, how much, no lakeside park, etcetera?

If so, then market it right. The land could conceivably be worth well over $3 billion (depends on zoning decisions, infrastructure, land use, and planning, which takes us back to #1 above, which needs to be decided upfront).

Then, when that’s all decided, list it with a big real estate firm. Put full page ads in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the London Times, China’s Reference News, etc. Market it right. What’s the rush? Slow down and act responsibly. This isn’t a granny estate sale.

  • Mike Angello
  • Normal Heights

Let’s See the Taxes

Regarding the La Mesa article on the Little Flower Haven elderly home run by the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus and the sale of the property to an apartment developer, would it not be newsworthy and informative to see the property taxes that the good Sisters and the Catholic Church have avoided paying since 1939? All the while under the coverage of city fire, police, etc.

It would also be of great interest to see how much in capital gains tax the good Sisters and the Catholic Church escaped on the property owned since 1939.

  • Teddy Rodosovich
  • via voicemail


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