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From Chargers to Game of Thrones

OB Noodle House Bar 1502's new theme

This was my first time dining at OB Noodle House Bar 1502, but I’d seen it on multiple occasions from the patio of Raglan Public House across the street. Had I known they had a ...

Adams Avenue Theater to host music again

After 30 years as fabric store

After over three decades without music, a legendary part of San Diego’s pop music history is on track to be resurrected as a music venue. Opened in 1930 as a movie house, by the late ...

Regret is useless, and yet...

I make a big deal out of the Mainly Mozart festival because it actually is a big deal

Every year I make a big deal of the upcoming Mainly Mozart Festival, and I do this because it actually is a big deal. I had been writing about classical music for about five years ...

Who shall overcome this earth?

And the world of Yama, and the world of the gods?

Who shall overcome this earth?

An adventure in geology

Slipping through the slots of Canyon Sin Nombre

A couple of very good slot canyons make for an interesting add-on to the impressive geology hike at the upper portion of this canyon. The Roam-O-Rama write up “The pull-apart basin” from 11/22/17 describes the ...

Boom for Real, Lord Huron, Les Miserables, Che Cafe, Beer Can Racing

Events May 31-June 6, 2018

Thursday | 31 LATE TEENAGE YEARS OF JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT Boom for Real documents the artist’s pre-fame, and how New York City, the people, and the surrounding movements formed him. Interviews with other artists who emerged ...

San Diego benches of note

A chance to stop, to sit, to watch the human parade

At 11:30 on a coolish Saturday morning in April, I have the bench to myself. Sometimes when I pass by, a woman with a shopping cart stuffed and piled with her belongings occupies the far ...

How to stop the lemmings

Marshall's Plan

Is an upstairs office in downtown Coronado going to save the world? Out of his modest headquarters on Orange Avenue, Marshall Saunders founded Citizens’ Climate Lobby back in 2007. His idea was that we had ...

Pool Party!

Sometimes you need a swim-up bar

Swimming season is nearing full swing now. Every year, I try to get a new fun float toy. Unfortunately, most only last a few months, if that. So I polled a few pool aficionados to ...

Draw the dog

Nate Kapnicky: Quartyard's canine caricaturist

Lyla sits still like a pro. Which is a miracle here in the middle of flailing dogs and foamy beers and baby strollers. The little black and tan pooch obviously doesn’t know what’s happening, because ...

The voluble Carl DeMaio on his gas tax revolt

Why Californians are not freeloaders

There’s a showdown looming down at the gas pump, and Carl DeMaio will be there on Election Day to confront the man he views as the chief bandit, Governor Jerry Brown. As for the preliminary ...

Tech, you were my brother, and I loved you

But the future doesn't look bright for us

Dear Hipster: What was your favorite hipster moment during the royal wedding? — Erin Not watching it. Dear Hipster: Did you hear Yanny or Laurel? — Derek I don’t get what all the fuss is ...

Hueso's fat bank account, county bureaucrats like Apple

Doug Machester's hotel woes

Doing fundraising time State Senate Democrat Ben Hueso, running for reelection in next month’s primary against retired Republican Superior Court Judge Luis Vargas, is seen as the likely winner in the majority Democratic 40th district, ...

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