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Somewhere between pasta and salad

A humble deli side dish keeps them coming back

It’s not a dish that typically makes or breaks a restaurant. You won’t find it in competition at the county fair. It’s not the subject of magazine top ten lists, the way pizza is, nor ...

City workers cheat and lie for disabled spaces

Handicapped parking space abuse epidemic at city, audit finds

Hot on the tail of San Diego's meter-reading scandal comes word that at least two city Public Utilities Department workers have illegally used Disabled Person Placards to park in handicapped spaces, and similar abuse may ...

Thirsty for sunshine

Five outdoor brewery destinations for the summer

Long summer days mean opportunities for drinking outdoors. Here are the top five brewery destinations to catch fresh air and sunshine with your craft beers this summer Eppig Brewing Waterfront Biergarten 2817 Dickens Street, Shelter ...

The bunkers of Point Loma

New guns came in 1943

During World War II, anti-motor torpedo boat guns at Point Loma protected San Diego harbor from attack. Capable of downing enemy vessels or aircraft over four miles distant, the more accurate and rapid-firing 90mm guns ...

Munched it at San Onofre

Split tooth top to bottom

Name: Rick Dyer From: Fallbrook Location: Imperial Beach Pier On May 20th, I saw Rick Dyer and his wife Lynne hanging out by their 1972 Volkswagen Combi van on Seacoast Drive. “The surf out at ...