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Security panel deals blow to Qualcomm takeover

Broadcom's raid may be success if they win six seats on Q’s board

The federal government yesterday (March 4) appears to have dealt a serious blow to Broadcom’s attempt to take over Qualcomm by ordering the local chip-maker to delay its meeting scheduled for tomorrow (March 6). Singapore-based ...

Forty-three-pound halibut wins angler $2950

A true testament of bounce-ball success

Dock Totals: Feb 25 - Mar 3: 1114 anglers aboard 55 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 518 yellowtail, 67 calico bass, 53 sand bass, 3,065 rockfish, 247 whitefish, 13 lingcod, ...

A chicken salad torta

Melted cheese, crisp lettuce, and smashed avocado on grilled telera

Fruit salads, smoothies, açaí bowls: all kinds of stuff we're all supposed to fit into our healthy diets. Those are the offerings I've always associated with Señor Mango's. Back when I lived in North Park, ...

North Park’s crusade against shifty developers

No respect in fight over end-run around planning group

The North Park Planning Committee has lost track of how often apartment developers apparently realize they’ve built condos at the end of construction and come to ask for a map that divides the apartment building ...

Panga on the rocks — ten life jackets found

San Diego lifeguard reports Feb. 5-15

Feb 15 08:20 Boating: Reporting person calls admin line regarding 19-ft. Mastercraft, motor malfunction in Fiesta Bay. Lifeguard vessel responds. Good Samaritan provides tow to Ski Beach dock. Lifeguards cancel. Feb 14 17:24 Medical: Lifeguard, ...