I never even noticed there are tortas.
  • I never even noticed there are tortas.
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Fruit salads, smoothies, açaí bowls: all kinds of stuff we're all supposed to fit into our healthy diets. Those are the offerings I've always associated with Señor Mango's. Back when I lived in North Park, I used to drop into the little fruteria for smoothies. Smoothie chains were surging at the time, but I preferred Señor Mango's because you could request no sugar be added, which was surprisingly rare in that smoothie heyday.

Señor Mango’s

4607 30th Street, North Park

"The sugar's already in the package" I was told by too many supposed smoothie specialists. Not at Mango's. There's sugar if you want, even ice cream if you order the right smoothie (or the more dairy-focused fruit drink, licuado). But primarily, there's fruit, most of it sweet enough without the embellishment.

It does mention Tortas on the storefront, all the way at the end.

It does mention Tortas on the storefront, all the way at the end.

Honestly, I never even noticed there are tortas.

See fruit, want fruit, eat fruit. That's how most of my visits have gone. Fortunately, I found myself parked nearby last week, in need of a snack. I had a few bucks and a few minutes, and planned on getting one of the shop's $4 yogurt and cottage cheese cups (with fruit, honey, and granola).

But I was really craving something savory, and there were the tortas, all of $6.25 with the option for ham, roast beef, tuna, and guajillo seasoned pork. I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't much. Something to tide me over. I ordered the chicken.

What I wound up with was a super tasty, grilled, chicken salad torta. It's cubes of white meat chicken slathered in mayo and melted provolone, served with lettuce and smashed avocado on a grilled telera roll.

The bread was toasty and warm, even as the lettuce remained crisp and the avocado cool. All this might have changed had I waited a few minutes, but I did not. I devoured it, digging my teeth into the light crunch of that seared crust with unexpected delight until there was no more sandwich to be seen.

I usually ignore tortas in favor of tacos, not fruit, but either way it's clearly time to get them out of my blind spot. I spent nearly 12 years so myopically focused on which fruit combinations to order that I obtusely ignored the sandwiches, and missed out. Granted, papaya and mango, or raspberry and peach — these remain difficult decisions. It might be good to have a torta to chew on while I decide.

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