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The Intellectual Dark Web

Long form on the rise

Could it be that the tide is beginning to swing back to classical music? With the demise of network television and radio a new space is beginning to open up which could shift musical taste ...

Naughty antics

“I just thought they had a lot of talent for being so young"

Local teen band Ignant Benches is already enjoying some lucky breaks, thanks to the producer of their first professional recordings, Brian Karscig, whose group Louis XIV was once named one of 10 Artists To Watch ...

Champagne Pass Viewpoint—Pine Mountain Loop

Take in a 360-degree view and sign the register on this little-known peak in the Laguna Mountains.

This is a moderate hike that offers little shade on its way to the top of Champagne Pass (~5500’) where the views are magnificent. This trail can be taken year-round, with blooming wildflowers in the ...

If only you had a brain

Queens focuses on the personal and the visceral

I saw Queens on the eve of Independence Day, so I was particularly struck by the fact that not a single positive thing was said about the United States in the entire show. How can ...

Over-the-Line, AH-1 Cobra, Billy Bob Thornton, Comedian Doug Benson

Events July 12-July 18, 2018

Thursday | 12 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. “A comedy tonight.” At least Pseudolus hopes so. He’s a slave at the house of Senex, in ancient Rome.. To win his ...

You won't get rich charging Bird scooters either

To catch a Bird

“I’m telling you as a resident over here [in Ocean Beach], that you are in my parking spot,” yelled a man captured on video. “I’m not the one that puts these [Bird motorized scooter] nests ...

You won't get rich charging Lime scooters

Stop! Please unlock me, or I'll call the police

Whether gaudy orange (Mobike), canary yellow (ofo), nearly-neon green (LimeBike), even more orange (Uber-owned Jump electric bikes), or a comparatively unimposing matte black (Bird electric scooters), dockless bikeshare has descended upon San Diego’s streets. Depending ...

Brick & mortified

More "doomed to obsolescence"

After an outpouring of creative ideas from the brightest minds among the Reader’s local fan base, I offer the following list of neologisms that might fill the gap in the English language where there really ...

Avenue Mural Project brought in a heavy

“This is about nothing but love.”

Has anybody seen the movie, Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment? About this crazy artist who couldn’t bear to see a bare wall? Each time, he had to fill it with a mural. It was ...

Willy Clauson came back to Tijuana

An original who touched greatness with "La Bamba"

My passport ran out of juice last year, just when the Mexican government was deciding it wanted to see official papers as foreigners headed south. That’s the only reason I didn’t hear, until the other ...

The Union-Tribune's revolving door

And who San Diego cops gave money to

Norm’s staff omissions Seventy-five-year-old ex-Time Magazine honcho Norm Pearlstine, who took charge of the Los Angeles Times when it was finally purchased by billionaire physician Patrick Soon-Shiong last month, has handed the San Diego Union-Tribune, ...

Shepherd on Kubrick, warning re police commission

Letter writers dig up older stories

Duncan Shepherd flashback Alert the Guinness folks! Duncan Shepherd’s passive-aggressive, backasswards Mr. Mxyzpkik’s — Google it, kids — “praise” (Movie Reviews) for the Stanley Kubrick classic 2001 (which Mr. Shepherd actually awards four stars, while ...

Let’s Be Friends

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