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It's the blankets (tartines, cupcakes) at Frost Me Café and Bakery

Piazza della famiglia finally open in Little Italy

It’s the free blankets. A whole wicker basket filled with them, all rolled up. Mexican blankets, waiting for patio customers to grab ‘em and warm themselves up. April 16th, opening day, on the patio of ...

Three poems

"A Couch She Loved," "Empty Glass," and "Candid"

A Couch She Loved Now, stacked between packed boxes lining a spare bedroom a couch she loved in a house I was tired of haunting I left because the body recognizes on its own despite ...

Drag racing history, The Melvins, Rocky Horror, yucca, and the Moon

Events April 26-May 2, 2018

Thursday | 26 DRAG RACING IN SAN DIEGO Emmanuel Burgin, an author and former sports editor for El Sol de San Diego, shares exploits of Joaquin Arnett. Arnett led the Bean Bandits racing club in ...

It's called Goat Peak for a reason

Some critters have an easier time on rocky slopes than others

Nestled into a quiet neighborhood at the eastern fringes of Poway is a hiking trail that goes through the riparian habitat of Poway Creek, rises steeply up into chaparral slopes, and culminates at a panoramic ...

Horror in the high desert

My dad had this half-finished cabin in Descanso

Last Sunday, I took the 79 up to Julian for a family gathering with friends. I usually take the less-winding 67-78 route, but I was trying to work out a musical round about the French ...

George Plimpton: a life lived on a "wouldn't it be crazy if" basis

The number four most hipster thing ever

Dear Hipster: What are the five most hipster things that have ever happened? — Derek As promised, I now continue a painstaking countdown of the five most unequivocally hipster things that have ever happened. Last ...

One last drink

San Diegans who end their lives

On the afternoon of October 23rd, in the presence of his family, trailblazing San Diego surfer Bill Andrews ingested medication prescribed to end his life. Within a few minutes the 73-year-old had fallen asleep, and ...

Refs not vetted enough, says city auditor

Even though they're not alone with kids

San Diego City Auditor Eduardo Luna is out with a report slamming city officials for inadequately vetting the backgrounds of the city’s youth sports league referees. “In general, there are Citywide procedures to require individuals ...

The Sweet Taste of Souls

Flying Dolphin’s first flight

Bee Pedersen can still remember when she saw the thriller Seven in a theater. “We were going to have dinner after, but when we came out, I said, ‘You know, I think I’ve got to ...

San Diego State slick magazine touts Mission Valley plan

Voters still have to approve $250 million project

Taxpayer-funded San Diego State University, locked in battle with privately-run SoccerCity over who will get to develop the choice city-owned parcel once known as Qualcomm Stadium, has rolled out a glossy mail piece touting its ...

Innovus: twenty-eight drugs in five years

It's not all about sex

“I am very steady. I like to work slowly, but surely, to get to my goal.” Thus speaks Bassam Damaj, president and chief executive officer of San Diego’s Innovus Pharmaceuticals. The truth is just about ...

AEG greases mayor's palm

So do Sunroad and mayor's mom

San Diego cash arena As word percolates that AEG Management, the Los Angeles-based operator of San Diego’s city-owned Valley View Casino Center (formerly known as the San Diego Sports Arena), is lobbying for a lucrative ...

This dude is simply negative

Letters about lieder singers and Presidio golf course

Useless genius Aww come on, Reader, you can do better with someone else as your reviewer for classical music and performances (“Schumann vs. Schubert,” Classical Music, April 6). This current guy is not providing you ...

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