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Tijuana does Hollywood… again

Local social media responds

Tijuana’s National Chamber of Commerce has unveiled its plan to build a Tijuana sign on the hill of Cerro Colorado similar to the famed Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. The proposed sign will be similar ...

San Diego's fastest selling craft beverage might be kombucha

Boochcraft sales doubled overnight

It’s been about two years since Chula Vista brewery Boochcraft introduced the concept of high alcohol kombucha to the craft beverage market. At that time, the mixed fermentation business had the capacity to produce about ...

Critter cinema

Animals arrive in this week's new movie releases, including Pandas and Tehran Taboo

Let's start with the big new release: for some reason, there's a rooster in the poster for Blockers, a movie about parents trying to preserve their daughters' virginity. What's that about? (Cue Beavis & Butthead ...

Solana Beach nexus for border resistance

Catholic church meeting of responders

A little over three months after launching a volunteer-driven campaign to shield undocumented San Diegans from immigration action and assist those caught up in raids, the San Diego Rapid Response Network held its second official ...

Hemingway and plantains

Beef shredded, then fried to a crisp in Point Loma

I usually skip the plantains. Oh, I’ll take a courtesy bite, but only to prove I don’t like them. I did something similar in high school, when, struggling to read the unabridged Moby Dick, I ...

Douglass Jennings, disbarred tax lawyer, gets 34 months

His wife Peggy, real estate operator, gets 4 months

In the packed federal courtroom of Judge Gonzalo Curiel yesterday (April 5), attorney John Douglass Jennings Jr. was sentenced to 34 months in prison, while his wife Peggy, who worked in real estate, got four ...

A bridge (joke) too far

Padres threaten to end it all with new radio network over insensitive tweet

NO, NOT REALLY — Kevin Whine, the new host of 97.3’s “Mo-Sho” morning show, just wanted to make a good impression upon his arrival from San Francisco. “The City had just come out with this ...

Trump begins construction on Border Wall

"I'm a man of my word."

NO, NOT REALLY — On March 25, President Trump tweeted that “work will start immediately” on the Great Border Wall. Few people believed him, but fewer still could have predicted that later that same day, ...

Bishop Richard Challoner — mental prayer is easy

In spite of what the devil pretends

The devil, who very well knows that such souls as apply themselves seriously to mental prayer will be none of his, makes all possible efforts to divert Christians from this application by a thousand impostures; ...

Schumann vs. Schubert

It's springtime — time for Dichterliebe

I was speaking with a friend who is planning a performance of Schubert’s Winterreise. I immediately roasted him by pointing out that it’s springtime. I went on to offer some unsolicited advice and recommended Schumann’s ...

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