The folks at HotRodder.Com invite anyone to submit memories about their first car.
  • The folks at HotRodder.Com invite anyone to submit memories about their first car.
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Cars that are lemons

The assumption that most of us bring to the table when buying or selling a car, new or used, is that we will be defrauded, which is usually the case. One unrepentant contributor to HotRodder.Com’s pages remembers his first car this way: “I bought an ’81 Cutlass for $75 with a ’69 350 Rocket motor in it from a girl that I work with in Rapid City. All that was wrong with it was a fan belt. She’s still pissed.” And the car? “It roars like a demon from hell.”

By Justin Wolff, Jan. 6, 2000 Read full article

San Diego Polo Club site. The author goes to great lengths to assure us polo is not a boring sport.

San Diego Polo Club site developed by Heaven's Gate

Perhaps preoccupied with their imminent trip, Higher Source designed for the Polo Club a plain, insipid page, compared at least to other sites they designed, such as an animated site advertising early Madonna recordings. In fairness to the deceased designers though, not much can be made of polo. Included here are the requisite images of finery: white tents, pompous buffets, wealthy spectators decked out in their Sunday best.

By Justin Wolff, July 16, 1998 Read full article

From Manson site. The stated purpose of Access Manson is “to lift the shroud of lies and distortions."

In defense of Charles Manson

Smaller pieces of Manson’s writings are exhilarating, downright revolutionary and Dylanesque: “Ain’t nobody there, man. Just the air we breathe. It’s the trees, it’s the water, and the animals. If we don’t save the air, water, trees, and animals we can’t have this love anymore. If our love is real and our love is true and our love is right, (why) do we want to run after someone and put it on somebody for?

By Justin Wolff, Oct. 22, 1998 Read full article

Desert Storm Journal site. We were never permitted to see Vietnam’s cabalistic horror in the Gulf.

Gulf War's hidden bloodiness

In addition to photographs and excerpts from his informative journal, Waybright’s site includes a list of Marines killed or wounded in the war, a Persian Gulf veteran locator page, a gun line diagram for his battery of M-198 Medium Towed Howitzers, stories submitted by other Gulf vets, and links to other Desert Storm sites."Many back home feel all we did was fly over and bomb everything. That is not the case."

By Justin Wolff, May 6, 1999 Read full article

Cyber Sleuths site.The kind of detail that the avid reader of crime news craves.

Homicidal mania

CyberSleuths is able to go into the kind of detail that the avid reader of crime news craves. The typical newspaper story leaves too many questions unanswered — mainly, the hows and the whys. But a page featuring the true-crime writing of Bill Kelly demonstrates the dangers of too much information. Kelly has posted here his unpublished book Homicidal Mania: The Fifteen Most Horrific Murder Cases Ever to Shock America.

By Justin Wolff, Feb. 24, 2000 Read full article

Justin Duke from site: “It does not have to be a dime."

El Cajon actor wants dimes

Justin says that his inspiration for the site is a kid who wrote a letter to a newspaper columnist in 1987 requesting that he run a column asking each reader to send the kid a penny. “People sent him penny after penny,” Justin says. “Some people made MUCH larger contributions. All together the kid made about 30 grand for his college education.”

By Justin Wolff, May 11, 2000 Read full article

Trabucco on PisserClam site: “When we were on the pier, I tried bringing in clams and lobsters from back East."

P.B.'s Pisser Clam Club

"Little Necks at Albertson’s are $5 a pound. If you’re buying cockles and cherrystones, the other clams that are available in San Diego, you’re probably gonna be paying $2.75 to $2.95 a pound, but you’re not gonna get pisser clams. You’re not gonna get the big siphon and the big, juicy bellies. I’ve tried for years to see if Pacific Shellfish or the Chesapeake Fish Company could get these clams. But they do not sell soft-shell clams."

By Justin Wolff, Feb. 8, 2001 Read full article

From If, like Tony Soprano, you must face your demons, this is an okay place to do it.

Already miss the 90s?

In 1996, two ex-editors of Spin — which is not alternative—made a bundle with their book Alt.Culture: An A-to-Z Guide to the '90s — Underground, Online, and Over-the-Counter. The authors, Steven Daly and Nathaniel Wice, both reported on and prompted the death of the original alternative. Wice told People, “One of the guidelines we had in writing this was that my mother had to understand the entries.”

By Justin Wolff, Mar. 29, 2001 Read full article

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