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Babies best babes

The Boss Baby tops this week’s new movie releases

I like to tell myself that I go into every film with a completely open mind, ready to praise or blame based entirely on what I am about to witness onscreen. But that’s not always ...

Advantage Towing ruled against in Mission Valley accident case

Homeless man gets $2500 for lost car he was living in

On March 21, at the small claims court at 330 W. Broadway, there were about 22 cases on the roster, but Mr. T., a homeless, thin 80-year-old, was number six on the list. He appeared ...

Dog did hunt

Two women sue San Diego County Sheriffs over use of police dog in Fallbrook

A married couple trying to elude San Diego County Sheriff''s deputies are suing the county and the deputies involved for excessive force used during their apprehension. The women say the San Diego County Sheriff's deputies, ...

San Onofre closed is no great loss

Despite warnings from nuclear proponents, dirty natural gas use isn't rising at area power plants

A common argument used by those in favor of repairing the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and of renewing the license of Diablo Canyon, the state's last operating nuclear power plant (Pacific Gas & Electric ...

Tungsten smaller, lead cheaper

"Show me one fisherman that has ever been diagnosed with lead poisoning. Hasn’t happened."

Ryan Zinke, President Trump’s new interior secretary, announced a reversal of the Obama administration’s ban on lead used in fishing sinkers and tackle on federally controlled waters one day after his March 1 confirmation. In ...

Strawberries and eight balls

This year's berry crop said to be "one of a kind"

It’s strawberry season for San Diego farms, meaning baskets of the bright, red fruit will be plentiful in April. Expect to find many locally grown strawberries at farmers markets across the county, and taste the ...

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